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Who are we?

From the slow death of SEO as we know it, to the success of Facebook groups; I have predicted the trends correctly, ahead of time, for 15 years running. In the late 1980′s, I was the first to begin using the words Internet and advertising in the same sentence. In 2006, I predicted that any website that is not automated as a blog would not come up in search results within one year. In 2007 I reserved social media systems.com and .org for $8.95 each, they were available. My ex-programmer said:

“Why did you call it social media advertising - social media is not advertising!?”

I said:

“You will see.”

A blast from the past – socialmediasystems.com did $779,000 in nine months after we formed it – the birth of what is now uplog.org:

Four years ago, I re-branded the start-up as Uplog.org to be a local news advertising agency . Now, with 100+ of us blogging together, there is almost nothing we cannot achieve on behalf of ourselves and our clients. Now it is time for you to take the bold step that I took all the way back then, over $9,000,000.oo ago: if you can sell, or if you can write, or you need traffic and rankings; I need you!

There will be a local community news blog for every city and state: it will replace the local newspaper with our totally digital alternative, and our 180 degree different and better content-producing advertising model; which eliminates outdated lead generators and middlemen,who stand between the advertiser and his intended audience, completely. The liaison is now between Facebook and Google organic search, between individuals and the business in their areas and niches where they do business: at http://UpLog.org – the roar of all of US!

Now that those guys are already completely gone, with all the copy cat spin-offs they invented; now that our overhead is a fraction of what it was, with no bricks and mortar, only US; now with no investors, (and I do not care if we ever go public, because we love what we do; and it is fun and fulfilling and valuable and needed and fair): now we will fulfill this, my latest self-fulfilling prophecy using the God given gift that I have: we will be the largest social media advertising agency in the world: we need:

  • Bloggers who want to earn a living and/or even build an editorial staff as editors and content producers for our local blogs –your budget/compensation is 30% of gross for any advertising we sell there. (many have existing advertisers already!)
  • Salespeople who are B2B professionals who want to sell advertising that is ridiculously effective and inexpensive to Real Estate Professionals, Hospitality and other businesses who want to reach a niche market and come up on top of Google organic search for what they do, where they do it; without breaking any rules or doing anything the least little bit spamish. Commission is 30% of gross, up-to 50%. for our niche bloggers.  See our services: we do social media websites, marketing, email marketing, voice-broadcasting, social media optimization.
  • Advertisers who want to cut out the middlemen and spammers who are messing up the marketplace: and who want to achieve first page organic rankings immediately, and have a huge localized Facebook group that feeds them: without doing any of the work themselves – a complete digital content-marketing solution for any small business for as little as $300 for one year of being on top of the world with no effort on your part.
Who are we?
Just the number one B2B Home Business in the world!  And that is exactly what we do for our clients!
Serious inquiries only please – salespeople and bloggers needed: no investment (other than your time and passion) required!

2015 | How to make a Living in New and Independent Media

We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how.
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