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33 of 1001 | Real Estate and Auto Master Marketers who Dominate Relocation through Search Advertising in 2014

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In the new global digital marketplace known as THE INTERNET, currently:

From the youngest and most tech savvy amongst us, to the nearly blind grandmother with a grandchild on her knee, a home or auto is rarely purchased; a vacation is rarely planned without some online research beforehand.  In this brand new market, where people who were heretofore stuck living and working and commuting in the same  geographical location are now able to live and work anywhere (like me), it is those with a global vision who are reaping the big rewards available from these changes in how people live and work aided by technology.    The rewards from such “global vision” marketing can set an agent, broker, or other businessperson aside from their competition and even feed their largest competitors prospects and clients to them.  By reaching everyone in a geographical area or niche audience with on-topic and interesting content, news, events, holiday venues, music, art and attractions, any audience can be targeted efficiently, economically, and cumulatively:

With our advertising model, there is no per click, per lead, or per column inch. Each category in the phone book is an exclusive for our agency per city, so that non-competitive clients can reach out on each others’ area blogs:  Our Real Estate Masters cover areas:


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33 of 1001 | 2014 Real Estate Broker and Auto Dealer Master Marketers who Dominate Relocation through Search Advertising – Major Auto Dealers and Real Estate Brokers

32 of 1001 | 2014 – What I would do with an empty building to fill it up

According to this recent survey in the Oregonian

More than half of U.S. adults have had to cut back elsewhere to cover their rent or mortgage, according to a new survey.

The John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation found that 52 percent of adults had made trade-offs. Of those:
21 percent took a second job or worked more hours
19 percent stopped saving for retirement
16 percent accumulated credit card debt
14 percent cut back of health care
12 percent cut back on healthy food
6 percent moved to a neighborhood they considered less safe
3 percent moved to a neighborhood schools are not as good.
Renters were more likely to make such sacrifices than homeowners. Blacks and Hispanics were more likely to have made such sacrifices than whites. And homeowners and renters spending more than 30 percent of their income — a widely held standard of affordability — on housing were more likely to make those sacrifices than those who were spending a smaller share.

There is a solution to this problem, and I am about to tell you what it is!

A simple blueprint to list, fill up, rent out, and sell any number of empty buildings on purpose, at almost no cost:

  • ADD AMENITIES – In my sixty years, I have owned and rented multiple times.  Surprisingly,  the happiest time in my life and my families life was when we rented in a luxury apartment complex with all the amenities (The Boulders on the River in Eugene, Oregon)  With so many of us living and working at home, a few amenities can really enhance rentability, especially fitness and spa facilities, especially for techies like me.  In this building I live in, there was a Curves downstairs years ago, so adding to and upgrading those facilities is not hard.  Since it was mostly offices here, there are not enough bathrooms without the facilities, so rentability for a small apartment with community showers is greatly enhanced by nice facilities.
  • GET WITH MODERN LIFESTYLE CHANGES – With work and living styles changing, due to changes in marriage, divorce, and  a mobile, global society; do we really want to live in the suburbs by ourselves?  Those cracker box houses and chemical lawns were originally designed in the 1950′s when everyone looked like Ozzie and Harriet, and had a day job.   That was a very long time ago, and the model was never sustainable, environmentally sound, or attractive to me.  I am an extrovert, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I had to go all the way back to the land, raise and can my own food, and get very bored to realize that I can never be happy out in the bushes all by myself with only hillbillies to talk to!  Many of my generation went through this.  Now that I am single (and a great deal of us are, or will be again), I want to be around people.  If I marry again, probably no kids; a beautiful old building in a wonderful town like this one where the cost of living is low, climate is great, and I can have Clint Eastwood and many other celebs as neighbors; world class beaches, dunes, and golf courses  in Bandon and Charleston (close by), only 20 miles from these amazing clean, almost empty beaches; and a bunch of nice nightlife, pubs, restaurants, and recreation from fishing to elk hunting to skiing a short drive away; combined with a mix of young people and hip west coast baby boomers to hang out with in Coos Bay, this is much better for me, and also for many of you. The Oregon coast is beautiful and temperate - 805-827-2450Many years ago I saw a buyer of a dilapidated apartment complex in the Bay Area become independently wealthy when the place filled up instantly with Gay people, much to his surprize!
  • APPEAL TO MODERN THINKERS AND YOUNG PEOPLE – Just as my generation and myself had to explore “back to the land”, so the young people of today want to be exposed to and learn all these things, and their values are actually similar; after all, we were their parents!  Also, I love gardening, as do most people, it is really wonderful and I like to eat fresh clean organic produce.  Most of these downtown buildings, for instance, have flat roofs.  It costs almost nothing to create a roof garden of beds, or to allow the residents to do so.  But for me, a cool garden on the roof, fresh produce from it, and some kids to teach (I have the encyclopedia of organic gardening committed to memory) would be a deal-maker!  Would you believe there is not one single building in this town with a garden and lawn chairs on the roof like that for the residents?  Some building improvements and marketing ideas do not require money, just imagination, and perspective!  A knowledge of the marketplace is irreplaceable.  When was the last time that you evaluated what you want, what you like, what makes you happy, and where you can best find that with low overhead?!   Likewise, if you own a building, and it is empty, you are compelled to listen here!
  • APPEAL TO THE NEW RENTERS – They have bad credit, but it is not because they are a bad risk.  They have a good income, they pay their bills, but things got so bad during the recession that they short-sold their homes, ruining their credit.  Now they rent, and as rents in California and other places skyrocket, there becomes more and more need for affordable low cost housing; and no, it is not my opinion that Government should be involved there.  The building that I am in was remodeled one room at a time, bootstrapping the cost.  Many old guys like me have tools and expertise, and like to work with our hands; would gladly exchange some rent consideration for our time.  Now, all of a sudden, building maintenance, remodeling labor, and gardening on the roof could cost nothing but temporary rent on space that is empty right now!  If you are afraid if execution cal me I will refer you to somebody licenced who is not.   Unfortunately, most rentals are managed by professional property management companies – with no incentive at all to even think like this or listen to any of it, and who, in my opinion, are usually as creative as a rock!  Wouldn’t you rather have your local real estate broker, who has commissioned incentive to see you do well, manage that building for you , fix it up, then sell it??!! Now we are starting to get closer to what I am proposing, read on!
  • THINK ECONOMY OF SCALE AND CONVENIENCE – If I raise some of my own food, barely have to drive, and have very low rent, with recreation of every kind a stones through away, how much money to I really need?  Lets examine the existing model: High rent, high consumption, commuting hours per day, paying huge taxes before we even see our money, in debt to create appearances and buy cars and clothes – this is kind of like slavery without whips and chains, isn’t it?  Why do they want to take away our guns, HMMM??!!  But consider that, if my rent included food and utilities for between 500-1000 month, and I worked from home independently, as so many of us do, and was in a state with no state income tax (like Oregon), I can make 24,000 per year and pay 0 taxes legally in 30 minutes online, and never pay anything in, get all my money from clients money  immediately, without waiting…are you starting to see this…
  • HEALTHY LIVING AND LOCAL BARTER –  I never go to doctors.  I do not trust them, don’t laugh; they are educated by drug companies and chemical companies who support the universities.  But if I have a guy in my building who has a credential or expertise, from herbal medicine to fitness, many services could be offered by somebody who did not need $250,000 per year just to stress themselves into an early grave with the old lifestyle!  I would venture to guess that there some doctors right now who would like to be our resident doctor with an apartment, food, and a steady supply of direct pay cash clients.  My back healed because I could not afford the operations.  They do not do those fusions – almost never now!!  As  a patient, I need to trust my doctor.  (related: The 19 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Kill Yourself )  If he is my neighbor and friend, and does not have to worry about money, I trust him.  Likewise I want to trust my food to be safe, my contractor to be honest, my janitor to give a __… I could go on and on.  Those who know me know that I will never be too good or too old to mop a floor, do dishes, dump the garbage – and, frankly, some of the kids these days would benefit by being exposed to me, and I have two beautiful successful kids 33 and 34 to prove it!  Once upon a time, maintenance work was done by people who lived there!  With a farmers market every wednesday one block away, I could almost do without a grocery store, and actually, the evolution of this model could greatly reduce the size and number of super-behemoths in favor of local organic.  From headache remedies and simple medicine, to hand made a local furniture and clothing, to 7-devils Brew, there is really very little that we need an “establishment” for with this model.
  • SHRINK GOVERNMENT  BY REDUCING NEED AND REVENUES  - I put to you that there will be very little crime at all in such a community, too many people watching.  So would we need less police, with less traffic, less budget for tickets, right?  Lets take that train of thought farther, shall we:  how do we shrink our Government?  We don’t, because they are in charge.  The only thing that they are not in charge of is how we spend our time and our money.  So what if we all start on this plan and significantly cut the revenues?!  Yup, that is the only way to shrink government, and we have the power to do it.  If we don’t do it, we will be answering to more and more regulation soon.  If there is a grass roots solution, there is not a need for a government one.   They have been dealing with shortage much longer in England.  they do not have lawns!  They have victory gardens!!  We have a better climate!!!

I am not some fringe type.  I drank Republican cool-aid for may years.  I laughed at first too.  But I believe that sustainable living, in local communities (and empty buildings) is the answer to a great deal of our problems in 2014.  What do you think?  Please let us know!

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Original article is here:

2014 – What I would do with an empty building to fill it up

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31 of 1001 | The Value of 1 Believer | Human Capital Defined | The New Metric

Would you invest in your labor?

human capital

To really understand the value of one person who believes in something, you must understand the potential results from one human’s  actions.   To say that this “beauty’ is in the “eye of the beholder” would be a misstatement, because beauty and value are there inherently independent of anyone’s awareness of that value.

And yet, value unperceived is often undervalued, and never capitalized upon.

I believe that every person is a perfect somebody; in other words, everybody could be very good and happy doing something, if it fits them.

I believe that managing ourselves, our “human capital” is of foremost concern, because we manage everything else.

I believe that a job description should be designed to fully utilize human assets; the job should fit the human, and never the other way around.

I believe that when you do what you love for a living; the thing that your very soul cries out to do, the thing that you are made for, you excel.

I believe that every person, from the janitor to the spiritual leader, has value and something to offer to and something to teach the rest of us, even if it is only a uniquely humble attitude that inspires a loving and giving response.

I believe that we are indeed brothers and sisters, joined at the hip physically, emotionally, spiritually – one family, which must function and go forward as a family, a unit, to progress.

In short, in believe in human capital, and I believe that we do a woefully bad job of managing it.

Lets examine, for instance, the standard 9-5 “day job” which is fading away in the modern world:

7:am – Wake Up

9:AM – work after 30 minute commute

11:00 AM 15 minute coffee break stops all work

1:00 PM Lunch 30 minutes

1:30 Back to work

3:30 Another coffee break

5:30 Another commute

6:00 Family time, rest, do it again.

Does anybody really believe that this is living?

As someone who has done this, and worse, for over 30 years; and as a self employed businessman now, I can tell you that there is a better way.

Allow me, if you will , to propose an alternative that is more human friendly:

Sustainable Communities

A stable family with a lawn and two cars in the driveway is no longer the history of most of us.  I was a pioneer in being a “latch key’ child of a single mom – but that background is now the new norm.

In my 60 years alive on this earth, looking back, the happiness times most definitely were not when I was the richest, or poorest.   The very happiest time was when I worked a great deal doing something that was not too bad for a living, auto sales three blocks away, and my kids, stay at home mom, and myself lived in what was, at the time, the first luxury apartment community in Eugene, Oregon: the “Boulders on the River.”

My schedule was not 9-5, so that I had random times off, mostly when the 9-5ers were working.  The facilities at the apartments provided me and the wife kids with everything we needed, including neighbors as friends, to live a good life every minute that we were not working or in school – pools, games, workout facilities, social life, parties…

I did not hate my job, did not spend my life commuting, and I really enjoyed my healthy time off.

Somewhere there is a sane alternative to the way that we live, and we must find it.

Imagine this lifestyle:

  • You live in a sustainable community – it was an empty building in a small town, untill you and your community members moved in, remodeled, and made it into a home.
  • Your job is to tend to the aquaponic garden, or to cook breakfast, or to mow the yard today, or to fix the roof, or to operate your business as an independent professional, or to provide services of any kind to the other community members.
  • You have friends,  families, and children all around you, and you love them and participate in their lives and their upbringing.
  • Your community has workout facilities, a game room, a business center and conference rooms, a pool, sauna, whirlpool, party room..
  • Your spouse and you have your own apartment, and you are also part of the community.
  • You do not have to worry about shelter, food, or company, because your services to the rest of the community pay for these.
  • Your kids have friends, supervision, and plenty of good healthy safe activities to keep them busy when you are away, and they are learning to interface with other people of all ages.

Lets face it: we can never go back to the “Ozzie and Harriett” days, and those days really never existed anywhere but on TV and in the movies anyway.

May we please move forward with this new model?  I have an income and early retirement coming up, will be a grandfather soon.  I still like to party, swim, workout, listen to music, be social…I love kids and two beautiful ones of my own to prove that I am good dad.  Lets some of us just take over some of this empty real estate in this paradise, or yours, shall we?  Lets invest in ourselves, (our human capital) pool our resources and live well with almost no money at all? Any takers?! 805-827-2450  I have an unlimited number of work-from-home jobs that can be located anywhere where there is Internet for bloggers, salespeople, customer service, phones, technical…cooks dishwashers gardeners…what is your human capital?


30 of 1001 | Social Media Builds World-View Perspective in 2014 | Online Dating Changes the World Forever | The Gracie Nakalyango Example

The Internet changes our view of ourselves and the rest of the world.

Example: Meet Gracie Nakalyango in Uganda

Gracie  Nakalyango in Uganda

Gracie is a living doll – 31 years old, single mother of three, looks half her age, is in business for herself to feed and clothe her children ( Abandoned by their father)  and to feed and clothe those of other abandoned and widowed mothers.

What a perspective builder for me!  Gracie is hard working, raises her own garden, makes her own clothes, builds her own buildings, owns her own land, and just simply wants to be somebodies wife and to care for her children.

Where would you find a woman like this in America?  I probably would not.   Many Americans with fussy, lazy, out of shape wives and girlfriends could not even imagine her humbleness, willingness to love and work, and give herself with total faith in God, a committed Christian, spirit filled beyond the understanding of anybody who has never been poor.  A woman who is still a woman, all the way, with all these wonderful qualities, and without a selfish “me first” American mindset; devoid of rampant wasteful consumer attitudes that are so prevalent here.  Gracie does dishes; makes, washes and recycles clothes by hand; raises a garden, and two pigs, and she has her own ministry and school, is self-sufficient out of necessity.  Where would an older American man find a woman of such character, so beautiful and unencumbered by vanity or addictions?

Gracie wants a man older than her, mature, not likely to run off, who will be a strong and good father to her twins and her other child; and they are beautiful beyond belief!  She would gladly relocate, with her kids, to do so.

If racist “world view” thoughts are going through your mind right now, consider that modern genetic research proves that Gracies’ genetics as a young black woman, who is inches taller than this 5′ 7 ” white American of European Jewish decent; her DNA differ less from mine, that that of two thoroughbred dogs from the same mother!  It is now proven that we are all, in fact, brothers and sisters.

With everyone in the world able to talk to everyone in the world, the best and the brightest from all generations and all countries are meeting online, and that “world view” is changing our culture, and our perspective, and our view of ourselves forever; our very genetics are changing.

If I had the money at the moment, I would back her ministry and  her replacement, and bring her here, to care for her and her children.  Her youth, and hard working humility would be hard or impossible to find here, for me, and for many of my divorced, widower and otherwise displaced peers.  We could not find such a young and loving beauty, and such an instant, undemanding,  appreciative family here.

But there are women like Gracie all over the world.  They would come here in a heartbeat if they had the opportunity; and in her culture, she is considered skinny (they like fat women); here, she is a beauty beyond belief;  Model material – you would never imagine that she could have three children and look this good.

According to this article in Forbes: 

A Third of Recently Married Couples Met Online and They’re More Satisfied and Less Likely To Split-Up

“A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that 35% of couples married between 2005 and 2012 met online and that these couples were slightly more likely to stay together and “associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction among those respondents who remained married,” according to the report.”

Who would have thought that  the trend would prove that such unions are less likely to result in the couple splitting up, and “slightly higher marital satisfaction” ?!

As a man who can retire early with enough to support such a family, I can tell you that no American woman would embrace such an opportunity the same way that Gracie would.  As a writer with a tested proven IQ that I wont share here, I can tell you that Gracie is extremely intelligent, nothing wrong with her genetics, healthy, beautiful, smart…only the best, quickest, brightest survive where she is from.

In my opinion, we will all be “Heinz 57″ hybrid mixes someday soon, healthier and less inbred than our ancestors – less bigoted, and more tolerant humans, and I, for one, look forward to that day.  These trends are accelerated by technology, and especially by the Internet and global free communications.

That this is good for mankind, for me, for Gracie and her kids, and, eventually, will change the entire world, is obvious to me.  What do you think?

Perhaps American women, who do not cook, do dishes, wash clothes; who are not the least bit humble or loving or giving; perhaps the selfish and the fleshy will become more like Gracie to compete, and everything will change.  I suspect that it will, and according to almost everyone else, it already has.

Original article is here

Social Media Builds World-View Perspective in 2014 | Online Dating Changes the World Forever | The Gracie Nakalyango Example

29 of 1001 | Be the Master of Real Estate or any Profession in 2014

high-tech-attorneyWhen you pick a Doctor, Lawyer, Realtor, Financier, or any professional, you are not looking for “cheap” if you are wise.  The Lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client!  If you understand, you are looking for the best, most effective, most up-to-date, most high-tech professional you can find, because he or she will be able to best represent you; the one who can get the job done!  You can be the master of what you do in 2014, even within a few days, and you can prove it to prospective clients on Google (and manage your online reputation at the same time).   We (and our many clients in every business imaginable) do this almost daily – examples:

By blogging about your topic and expertise, you can prove it, and reach almost any audience, without paying per-click or per-lead.

Or we can do it for you, and the things we will say about you wold be immodest if you said them!

This can be done intentionally, without spam or tricks, without breaking any search engine or social network rules, by becoming the source of the real information that others are searching for.

Social Blast Kit (SBK)

Just $300 puts your message out and keeps you on top of the world for exclusively for what you do where you do it for 90 days.

  • Blast to our 10,000,000+ audience - 3 months is included with minimum purchase -
  • Discounted to $1000 for one year (12 months) in advance for ongoing advertising and promotion
  • Larger companies who want broader geographical or niche coverage should request custom quote.

3 months $300  http://socialmediasystems.com  805-827-2450

29 of 1001 | Be the Master of Real Estate or any Profession in 2014

2014 – the Slow Death of Lead Generators – MIDDLEMEN

Death of Lead GeneratorsLike the water  filter man who went door-to-door in my youth, selling overpriced water-filters which “You could not buy in any store, ever..”,  lead generators have their place in creating a new market.

So it is with online lead generators like Realtor.com, Zillow, Home Store, Expedia, Hotels.com, Angie’s List, Legal Zoom…  these and thousands of others created the marketplace online by spending huge amounts in venture capital on pay-per-click advertising in recent years, so that they could resell pay-per-lead advertising, upgraded listings, websites, etc.   By bidding up the words on Google PPC and others beyond what the vendors could cash-flow, they have fed the media bank accounts, and created the largest media in the world: Youtube.

However, just as you can buy a pitcher, and two water filters which will last for a year at Walmart now for $13, this too will change, slowly.  Because these bloated, over-funded behemoths still account for most of the revenues, it will take time, but it will happen.

Run any broad real estate, hospitality, legal, medical or other lead generator search on Google, and you will see what I mean.  These sales funnels, who turn Joe consumer into Joe “the Internet shopper from hell” by selling the leads seven times so that seven hungry salespeople start calling all at the same time,  will be removed because nobody wants to find a page populated A-Z by salespeople.  What consumers want is information, not an obstructive sales funnel collecting their information for resale.

Furthermore, they are messing up the search results, and not paying Google for the organic advertising revenues; and that, my friends, will change any minute, with one stroke of Google’s algorithmic pen:

From  http://www.fiercecmo.com/special-reports/deep-research-dive-most-b2b-marketers-woefully-unsuccessful-lead-gen

“To improve the lead-gen process, the majority (64 percent) said they will emphasize lead generation more in the next 12 month. Most respondents (49 percent) cited new creative approaches, followed by greater agility (34 percent), better lead capture (34 percent), better content (30 percent) and better attribution (29 percent) as tactics to advance their lead-gen programs.

Lead Generator Slow Death

The report also said B2B marketers plan to tackle underwhelming lead-gen programs by changing areas of investment. In the next 12 months, respondents plan to boost spending in content marketing (70 percent), email marketing (51 percent) and social media (40 percent). At the same time, those B2B marketers expect to cut spending in trade show/event marketing (40 percent), pay-per-click ads (34 percent) and other digital ads (23 percent).”

The smart thing for Google to do (and they are smart) is to make it impossible to get to the first page organic (non-paid search results) without creating good content, not sales funnels or competing advertising platforms.  I predict that they will do this any minute.  The middlemen will slowly fade, and they are fading, in favor of cleaner content-marketing techniques, which are more consumer-friendly.  I am as sure of that, as I am that this article will rank for “the slow death of lead generators in 2014” by the time you read it!

How-to articles and books will always work well, as they always have.  I have found this methodology extremely effective in media and tech markets: because nobody will pay for what they do not understand, and, when they do understand, they would rather pay me the small amount that I charge than try to do it themselves.

Besides, what I will say about y clients, would be immodest if they said it!

In seven years and counting since I made it, this video is still perfectly relevant:

Social Media Marketing Systems, Website and Video Advertising Agency

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General E-mail: rothmanisrael@gmail.com

27 of 1001 | Do Business in Societal Change Aided by Technology in 2014

Does anybody really love commuting in traffic?  Do you really believe that eight hours per day working at a job you hate, and the rest dealing with stress and loneliness is a full life?  Do you think that our schools are modern and effective?

Empty Building

What shall we do with all those empty buildings, all those unemployed workers; all those disengaged, often addicted, homeless; all those over-educated spoiled elitists who do not understand the real world; all those morally bankrupt seekers and hedonists who are searching for something more meaningful than a high?

  • How do we replace the traditional family unit (which is all but gone)?
  • How do we stop the waste and environmental impact associated with these inefficiencies?
  • How do we fill up empty buildings?
  • How do we employ the unemployed?
  • How do we re-educate and save the lost?
  • How do we bring it all together?


  • No boundaries – everyone in the world talking to everyone for free – the opposite of Orwell’s “Brave New World
  • A perfect market for buying and selling – like Ebay – anything can be bought or sold for exactly what it is worth at that moment, no more, no less, and users are rated by reliability, also affecting price.
  • No need to work and live in the same place – a game changer – people can live and work and buy and sell from anywhere
  • Brand loyalty is dead – people want the best deal, full disclosure – ethical investment of resources
  • Old system is in trouble – in all times of trouble change becomes possible – when the status quo is failing, people embrace change.
  • Technology advancing – solar and other technologies have leaped forward, negating the necessity potentially even for power lines; certainly for dirty energy.
  • Accountability – again, technology is foiling the bad guys, crimes and injustices corrected recently, going back many years, aided by modern forensic science
  • Media Merging – the gatekeepers and casting couches are being circumvented by the Internet – worlds largest media have become Youtube and Google and Facebook – larger than all the others combined, and growing.


  •  Imagine a world where people live and work in the same space, according to their qualifications, not their circumstances, or origin.
  • Imagine empty buildings filled with sustainable communities, with shared amenities and resources, hydroponic gardens for food, traveling in pooled transportation resources only when needed or for fun.
  • Imagine being offered a job which included housing, schooling, upward mobility, food, shelter, safety – where you could start as a server, or janitor, or gardener, or laborer, or at any level, and work your way up, becoming rounded as you go; leave any time you wish.
  • Imagine having the option to do what you are passionate about for a living thus, how much more productive would YOU be?


All the above is possible, RIGHT NOW, without governmental change, without spending money on anything other than Internet access for schooling. Everywhere, from the inner city to the darkest reaches of Africa, very soon, this change is possible; simply because people can live and work in the same space, aided by technology.

In this series of articles, we will begin to break down specific projects, and to solicit participants, community members, and modern workers.

Stay in touch if you desire to stop complaining, and to act to effect positive change!

We can create an unlimited number of jobs, anywhere:

  1. Carpenters
  2. Laborers
  3. Gardeners
  4. Farmers
  5. Business professionals
  6. Medical Professionals
  7. Technology professionals
  8. Creative people – Music, movies, Graphics, Writers
  9. Food service – cooks, servers, dishwashers
  10. Domestic – child-care, cleaning, maintenance

For owners, administrators, who have power over dormant assets; for the unemployed, for the unhappily retired, for investors, visionaries ad financiers: Join us!


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27 of 1001 | Do Business in Societal Change Aided by Technology in 2014

26 of 1001 | Becoming the number one Internet Advertising Consultant in Town is easy at UpLog org

Becoming the number one Internet Advertising Consultant in Doral – or anywhere – is easy at UpLog org

By the time you read this, it will already have happened!

Doral 360 Doral FloridaIvan and Sarah Jimenez are the ones 305-926-5240 :

We are a community directory and blog that works with local business owners to create, curate and produce outstanding content. We are advocates of small business and our mission is to promote Doral businesses. We do this by  educating residents  about local businesses while increasing the online presence of local business so  that residents eat, shop ,play  and spend in Doral.Since DORAL360.com officially started in January of this year, we’ve grown an incredible 483 percent! Our online success is due to the fact that we have more than a decade of digital media and internet marketing experience.  Now, by way of our status as the Doral agency for Uplog.org and our blog at http://doral360.uplog.org/sample-page/ huge link-authority makes it possible to also instantly rank for almost any Google or Youtube search you desire, without paying per click, per lead, or per anything, and without breaking any search engine rules.  Why buy from anyone else?!  To advertise your business, call  305-432-4895 – or visit our services page here:

 Internet advertising without paying per click or per lead for Dural Florida

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Becoming the number one Internet Advertising Consultant in Doral Florida – or anywhere – is easy at UpLog org

25 of 1001 | 1 in New York NY | New York Local News Advertising Agency

Uplog.org Social Media Advertising Agency and PR Network B2B – B2C Business Opportunity

UpLog.org Social Media Advertising Agency

Roar with US!

Becoming the number number 1 New York Largest Social Network, or 1 New York Local News Advertising Agency is easy, if you are one of US!

Welcome to UpLog.org. There will be a blog here for every city and state: only one for each. There can be one blog for each industry niche; and an unlimited number of E-Books. Each is a business opportunity because we roar as friends and followers and tweeters weekly together with our blogs and profiles!

As a team, we can dominate any organic search terms intentionally and easily. Therefore, we are exclusive: and conflicts of interests are not allowed. Our groups of contractors and professionals all over the world are the best anywhere, and together our power in the search engines and social networks is enormous.

By blogging together we dominate the search engines and the social networks on behalf of ourselves and our clients!  We roar!

UpLog.org is a very different kind of advertising agency: we are a huge team of independent bloggers working together.

We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how.
Why buy from anyone else? 805-827-2450 info@uplog.org

I re-branded as Uplog.org in November 2011 to be a local news advertising agency . Now, with 100+ of us blogging together, there is almost nothing we cannot achieve on behalf of ourselves and our clients. Now it is time for you to take the bold step that I took all the way back then, over $9,000,000.00 ago: if you can sell, or if you can write, or you need traffic and rankings: I need you!

There will be a local news advertising agency for every city and state: it will replace the local newspaper with our totally digital alternative, and our 180% different and better content-producing advertising model; which eliminates outdated lead generators and middlemen,who stand between the advertiser and his intended audience, completely. The liaison is now between Facebook and Google organic search, between individuals and the business in their areas and niches where they do business: at http://UpLog.org – the roar of all of US!

Who are we?
Just the number one B2B Home Business in the world!  And that is exactly what we do for our clients!
We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how.
Why buy from anyone else? 805-827-2450 info@uplog.org Terms of service here.

Performance Based Marketing with a Guarantee of Results


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1 in New York NY | New York Social Network and Local News Advertising Agency

24 of 1001 | Online Evangelism in 2014 | Modern Ministry in WordPress

Online Evangelism in WordPress

Regardless of what your faith is, if you believe in something, you are more civilized than a monkey.    If we can agree that we all seek seek to know our creator, and the truth, then we have a great deal in common right there.

The process of seeking to know the truth, and the good hearts of such people, is not as different as people think between the cultures.  Life is not a football game, for we are all God’s children, and we all win, or lose, together.

Modern evangelists spread truth online with a beautiful WordPress custom website for under $600, with training and support and free hosting for one year:  they can edit, change, and share with millions at will, in minutes, for free; on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+…all over the world!

I believe that prophecy is simply the knowledge of what will inevitably happen over the course of time because of forces which are already in motion.

This does not relieve us of responsibility for our actions, because the future has not yet happened, and one man, obviously, can have a huge influence on future events.

We will be judged, in my belief, according to our deeds (our ‘fruit’) – the sure proof of our intent, and our belief.

This begs the question: do you believe something?  Anything?

Then prove it!

A donation of $1 or more US buys a blog for a year at yourname.UpLog.org, to push a custom website with training and support and hosting for one year, like Love Sign Ministries above,  what are you waiting for?!  A crowd funding campaign, and/or full service marketing in groups, by email, and in video is not that much more.  Get started right now; God is watching you, and so are millions of US!!

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Online Evangelism in 2014 | Modern Ministry in WordPress