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23 of 1001 | Change the world and make money by spreading the truth in 2014

The truth rings the bell:

Never in the history of the world, has everyone had a voice.
New technology not only gives us all a chance to play on a level playing field, new media is an opportunity to act.
No longer, can we complain about the way that things are, if we do not use our combined voices to change them.

Now, for the first time in history of the world, we can!
The only gatekeepers are US.

Anybody can complain, and now, anybody can speak. When we speak together, we can and will change the world.

All this begs the question: what shall we do with it??

First, we must be of like mind, we must be tolerant of each other, we must be willing to act as a team, and we must have a clear plan, and a goal:

1. Human rights: we believe that we are all Gods children. As such, we are all one family. We may differ, in looks, location, religion, race, and other beliefs, but 95% of us believe in something.
2. We know that disruptive technology can change the world and give us all a voice.
3. We believe that things must change soon, and that the future is not yet written; it is up to US!
4. We are ready to act now, before it is too late, for us, for our children, and to save our Earth!
5. We are the solution to all of our problems.

If you believe, as 95 percent of US do, then you have no excuse not to act now.

Original article is here:
23 of 1001 | Change the world and make money by spreading the truth in 2014

22 of 1001 | Do Business according to the New Ten Commandments of Media in 2014

The new 10 Commandments of Media in 2014:

1. If you ask my permission, I may connect with you.
2. If you respect that, I may not block you.
3. If you are interesting, inspiring, or entertaining, I may listen to you.
4. If I am impressed by you, I may say so in many ways, including the above, +1, Like, etc.
5. If I am not alone in this, you may be popular.
6. If you are popular, you may become famous.
7. If you are famous, you will have power.
8. If you are responsible, you may keep and increase that power.
9. Everything you do is recorded permanently.
10. You are accountable to me, to us, and to God for what you say here.

 Do Business according to the New Ten Commandments of Media in 2014

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21 of 1001 | Main-Stream Media and Social Media Merge to Change the World for the Better

When Julie Andrews was asked to do Mary Poppins she wanted no part of it When Julie Andrews was asked to do Mary Poppins, she wanted no part of it. Often in our lives, great opportunity is presented when we are not receptive.

So it was with Traditional Media, and the wide open free-for-all known as Social Media.

Now, fifty years later, this content, which is timeless, is viral content for new media.

When the high quality content from the days of old meets the content market for a new media and a new generation of children, it has new life, and new power!  The awesome power of human creation from the best and brightest of us all in media becomes viral online.

Christie Hsiao Bestselling Author

Skip forward to compare these modern examples:

1. My friend Christie Hsiao, who just hit the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list with her Serenity Media production (which started out online), for instance:

Her uplifting children’s story JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND, has kids all over the world already playing the game by the same name in multiple languages.

2. Atlas Shrugged II - a newer movie which renewed my faith that there are still good people in Hollywood – the power and money brokers who seek to dumb down our population and control the world will never put a lid on this creative can of worms ever again!

Now that the best and brightest of all of us  are empowered, user filtered media (the roar of all of us talking to each other without boundaries) is most surely changing the world for the better.

The same high quality, visionary, branded content which had so much value then, goes viral almost invariably in new media.

As media continues to merge into a wide open popularity contest without gatekeepers,  from reality shows to independent films,  free thinkers of all venues will be empowered and enabled to find their voice.  The good, the bad, and the ugly are on an even playing field now.

We are entering a new age of diverse content production, empowering the best and the brightest to be heard, and heard over and over again, in every language, all over the world.

On this, the 50th year of Mary Poppins, this amazing piece of art is as relevant today as it ever was.

George Orwell’s chilling vision of a world controlled by technology is now possible on the broadest scale – yet this same technology has created a “can of worms” so large and so diverse, that the only way to put a lid on it would be to shut it all down, and we would just invent it all again, in my opinion.

If this technology, and  empowerment and freedom  of the individual artist scares you,  consider that you are the same person who believes that we have all always been accountable for everything that we do or think, and that there has always been a “book of life” where everything is recorded, now much easier to believe and understand, and manifest!

The question now is what you (we) will do with it.

Just as it was so 50 years ago, some things are predictable, and some things never change.

One man (or woman’s) dream can become a reality at amazing speed, and some of us are actually changing the world for the better, with self-fulfilling prophecy online:

What have you done about it lately?  By simply blogging, I have created my own audience of over 10,000,000.   I did not ask permission to do this, I just started creating, just as the starving artists of that past did, just as Walt Disney did when he built an amusement park on top of a garbage dump – when Disneyland was only his vision – a self fulfilling prophecy.

My hat is off to him, to Julie Andrews for finally agreeing to make this epic classic, to a free United States where it all began, to Christie Hsiao (who is doing it again), and to all the starving entrepreneurs who did it then and are doing it now.

To the technology that makes it all possible, I say “Bring it!”

By getting into, and staying in the game, you can become a proud participant in it all.

You can say whatever you want; you can get an audience; you can change the world for the better, with hard work, and art, and creativity, and that is how it should be, and soon it will be,  for all of us, all over the world!

Original article is here:

Main Stream Media and Social Media Merge to Change the World for the Better


20 0f 1001 | Get out of Credit-Bondage – Do Business with Cleaned Credit in 2014

Almost all businesses need credit management, even as preventative future reputation and relationship management.

RESTORE-CORRECT-CLEANUP  We do whatever it takes to restore your credit

Credit and financial risk go with the territory when you are an entrepreneur of any kind.  As someone who has owned and operated many businesses and made and lost over $10,000,000 in my lifetime (and working to make it back again)  I have a great deal of experience with losing and restoring credit.  I have never gone bankrupt, it takes too long to come back.  Instead I have restored my credit and borrowing power in two or three years each time, by challenging, removing, and establishing new credit.

The process starts with reducing debt, challenging incorrect entries on credit reports, and settling real debts for less.  Then methodical and systematic cleaning and removal of past entries restores a good credit rating.

I have done it myself before, and it is very time consuming.  It is much easier for a lawyer who knows the Laws to challenge things and get them removed.

Many so-called credit-cleaners are not only not reputable, they are actually illegal; so it is important to know whom you are dealing with when using a third party to challenge entries and negotiate settlements with better, faster results than you would achieve on your own.

Allow us to introduce our new national niche sponsor, one of the only two US Government approved and legal credit cleaning agencies, and the only credible one in my opinion: the CreditMaster at FirstStone.com will be providing informative tips and insight into credit bondage and how to set yourself free.

The  CreditMaster at FirstStone.com  not only wants to clean your credit with his services, he wants to finance a car for you, even a house, independent of the credit establishment, so that his incentive is with the restoration of your power, and your release from “credit bondage”!



We do whatever it takes to restore your credit.!

Free Consultation 972-235-1188

Original article is here:

20 0f 1001 | Get out of Bondage – Do Business with Cleaned Credit in 2014

National Niche Sponsors at UpLog.org are exclusive – learn more 805-827-2450

Change the World with Uplifting Stories and Movies and Games for Children in 2014

Christie Hsiao Bestselling AuthorAnybody can complain about the way that things are in our world, and between our two great cultures.  But Christie Hsiao has no time to complain,  because she is way to busy changing the world for the better one child at a time, while the rest of us complain; and she will also make a ton of money at it in 2014!

Faces do not lie, IMO (what a doll!)

It is said that “Nero fiddled, while Rome burned,” – this was one of the earliest examples of negative spin.

But New York Times Best-Seller author, producer, visionary, bilingual Chinese-American Christie Hsiao is changing the world one child at a time in the midst of this chaos.

When I first met her, there was only her vision:

“Christie Hsiao’s vision is to create quality entertainment that is uplifting and international in scope. Her goals are to raise awareness of the inherent compassionate purity that lies within us all, thereby inspire social change.

Who would have thought that would work?!

I write a great deal about human Character, and about the changes in media which are moving audiences, resources, and power from the mainstream and the mediocre, to the innovative and the free; from the “holier than though” to the smart, the quick, the modern, and the visionary; from the Gatekeeper to the Gatecrasher at a break-neck pace.

Anyone can complain, and anyone can get an Amen from the people already in the pews; but what about the rest of US, and the rest of “THEM“, and the rest of the whole world?!

Now, in this new world of unfettered creativity (with even Satan himself losing his lock on distribution),  one tech-savvy , bi-lingual visionary Christie Hsiao can affect the next generation, reach millions, and actually change the world doing what she is passionate about with her own “Serenity Media“.

Now her Journey to Rainbow Island Book is on the New York Times Best-Seller list, children are already playing her uplifting fantasy game of the same name, and the Movie is on the way:

I would love to be one of her Serenity Media original investors now!
(It may be a great investment for all you tech, fantasy lovers right now!)

When you look at the other games on the list, you have to wonder where the conscience of their makers went!  But they could not stop her from hitting the New York Times bestseller list for Fantasy, and children all over the world are reading her book and playing her video game “Journey to Rainbow Island, the  Game“, nor can they stop it from having a 5 star Google Play Rating!

Children all over the world are hearing her uplifting message for children, instead of being subliminally desensitized to violence and even death.

Although they have tried, from A&E  to the Associated Press, main stream media will never stop users from controlling social media . What have you done lately?

Our shameless plug?

Together we can change the world for the better in 2014!  Won’t you join us?!

Change the World with Uplifting Stories and Movies and Games for Children in 2014 | Online Reputation Management

18 of 2001 | Do business as the new Hybrid for Hospitality and Real Estate in 2014

Announcing 2014 Hybrid for Hospitality and Real Estate 

2014 Market Domination Bundle:

  •  Setup and optimization for target industry-location searches like “[cityname] homes for sale” first page SRP’s on Google and others..(see Kingman Homes for Sale)
  • Setup and optimization for largest google search competitors searches (IE: “Remax Agents [cityname][statename] (see kingman.uplog.org/kingman-arizona-az-86401-best-homes-for-sale/)
  • Master Sponsorship and permanent Links on custom SEO Blog and Facebook Local Social Network (only one master sponsor per town – see Kingman Arizona Social Network; one year old example: Coos Bay Social Network
  • Sustainable Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Custom optimization strategy and advice for existing website
  • Permanent, powerful links to target (client owned) website
  • Super-launch: blast to our over 10,000,000 person social media audience of actors, writers, producers, publishers, bloggers, celebrities, brokers, industry professionals, hospitality professionals, real estate professionals, travel professionals, business owners, technology professionals, Facebook, Google+, and linkedin groups, and entrepreneurs all over the world
  • Sponsorship and featured blog blast to our opt-in list server audience of over 500,000 and growing at Rothman Marketing list server and B2B Home Business Network News
  • 1 Year Ongoing promotion and optimization for local events and venues (See http://kingman.uplog.org/local-news-and-events/)
  • Ongoing training, strategy and advice for Social Media Advertising and sharing on Youtube.com, Likedin.com, Facebook and Google+
  • All the advertising you will ever need without paying per click, or per lead!
  • Exclusivity as master sponsor of the largest, or soon to be largest social network in your town (only one per town), with your message and links in first frame on every page!  (see Denver Locals Facebook Group)


Easy to buy at $300 Down, $250 per month with no long-term commitment: 

One year exclusive prepaid option: $2,500
Learn more here:

Local and Community News Blog Advertising


17 of 2001 | Do Wide Open Free Dating Clubs on Facebook with No Gatekeeper in 2014

Are you tired of fake profiles, old pictures, and pitches to spend money on Dating sites that act as gatekeepers and charge you to access your messages?

Local dating in person can be facilitated on Facebook

I ask you: what do these dating sites have that cannot be done in a Facebook group?  Nothing, thats what!

Facebook’s guidelines and rules are way better for protecting your privacy and controlling access to your information than any dating site, and it’s huge and  free!

Here n Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and all over the world in small communities, existing dating sites do not work well, and the pool of acceptable matches is not diverse enough for the hook-ups to happen; and that is why they are riddled with fake profiles and questionable revenue tactics.

It is time for these self-serving middlemen to go the way of the behemoth lead generators who mess up the online marketplace by dominating the organic search results and by driving the price of PPC advertising through the roof!

These sites really offer nothing that cannot be done easily in an open Facebook group, except to extract money from you!

Added to a local community social networking blog to feed the Facebook group with local content and local people, who can fill up a bar with paying customers on an off night when they show up to meet people,  dating for all of us “displaced singles” of all ages can be fun again, and ridiculously inexpensive.

We are going to start one here in Pagosa Springs and schedule regular events!

Even at meetup.com, the largest and oldest meetup site, there are no singles  groups in Pagosa Springs, and none within 90 miles of Coos Bay Oregon, for instance…but our own Facebook groups are in the hundreds or thousands in every town that we are in, and we sell local advertising on the blogs to local businesses who want to reach our audience, creating a full time living for many of us, and very cost-effective social media advertising for local businesses:

Examples of our local ‘Social Networking Facebook’ groups where we have not even added or promoted any dating:

With access to thousands of locals, I am sure such a dating “Club” will be a very effective addition to our existing blogs and groups.

We are going to use a model I have seen used successfully for business networking:

  • Nothing to fill out, just show up with $5.00
  • As often or rarely as you like – no contract
  • The $5.00 to join and $5.00 per meeting are used to facilitate the meeting place, and discounted drinks, food, entertainment and other refreshments at local bars and restaurants.
  • Everyone gets a 20 second introduction, that is the only structure, then we just network!
  • Create a local group where we are not yet there, and get a free personal blog and training to make a full time local living in social media marketing.
  • A key advantage is that you can add your friends to Facebook groups easily, click click, and they need not do anything – that and strong moderation are the secrets to growing a group!

With all of our families now mixed up, and people not living in one place where they grew up, such local networking groups can become the “new tribe” model that modern sociologists and psychologists believe is needed to bring disconnected people back into society and provide a robust social environment conducive to hook-ups and commerce for divorcees of all ages like me, whose orphaned siblings and own children are scattered across the US.

As a mater of fact, you can join our brand new Pagosa Springs, CO group right now, wherever you are, to meet someone, move here to paradise with low cost of living like I have; or just study our new model as it develops, for $5.00 – and if you want to be a blogger or start a group on this model in your town, even sell advertising to local businesses who want to reach the audience, and create local content with your very own blog, I will give it to you at (YOURNAME).UPLOG.ORG, with training, to try out for 90 days, for free! (No additional charge, just $5.00)

All of our blogs come up on Google search immediately like this:
‘pagosa springs social network’ Google search results

The free blog and training applies only to the first 50 takers, Because I do the SEO training myself, and I am only one man – now is the time to get started in Social Media for $5.00:

Are you reading from the Rothman guide to social media optimization

Are you still buying from lead generators who mess up your marketplace then sell it back to you populated by your peers?  Are you finding that traditional SEO techniques are futile in competitive industries like travel, hospitality, real estate, Law, Medical… because of the competition from these outdated lead generators and online malls who charge per click, or per lead??  We are the only real social media advertising agency in the world; we can create organic rankings for you for any search, without any spam or SEO tricks; without breaking any search engine or social network rules.  Initial consultation is free 805-827-2450 – for Bricks and Mortar retail stores SMO, Hospitality Industry, Real Estate Industry, Law, Medical, Consulting, Professional Services, Auto-related: Social Media Advertising Agency, Organic Search Marketing: http://uplog.org

Do Wide Open Free Dating on Facebook with No Gatekeeper in 2014

16 0f 1001 | Re-invent yourself for Business in 2014 | Sustainable Living

New Business Lifestyles
Thanks to the BBC for this Image..

In 2014 rapid change in the way that business are structured, taxed, staffed, managed, and advertised will continue to level the playing field, especially if we (small business owners and entrepreneurs) wake up!

The middle class (other than government employees) is gone.  Our country, once powered and paid for by a hard working men and women who supported and paid for oversized government and waste, is now in trouble financially.

We have exported good jobs and imported finished goods for so many years now, so that we basically have three classes:

1.  The working poor

2.  Government Employees

3.  The independently wealthy.

There is always opportunity for profit in change, and even in chaos, if you can see where things are headed, and get there just before the majority wakes up the the change.  In these times, that opportunity exists in spades, especially for those who embrace the changes that others are resisting.

For instance: compare the combined viewership of the top 20 prime-time TV Series and the cost of reaching that audience, to the cost of a strong Youtube presence, and the amazing viewership thereof:

Nielsen Television (TV) Ratings for Network Primetime Series

Top 20 Network Primetime Series: March 18-24, 2013

Rank Program Name Net Day Time Viewers
1 THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS Thu 8:00 PM 15,901,000
2 PERSON OF INTEREST CBS Thu 9:01 PM 14,340,000
4 NCIS CBS Tue 8:00 PM 13,177,000
5 TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS Thu 8:31 PM 12,177,000
6 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS Tue 9:00 PM 11,950,000
8 ELEMENTARY CBS Thu 10:01 PM 11,327,000
10 THE BACHELOR ABC Mon 8:00 PM 10,417,000
11 BLUE BLOODS CBS Fri 10:00 PM 10,409,000
12 60 MINUTES CBS Sun 7:00 PM 10,221,000
13 THE MENTALIST CBS Sun 10:00 PM 9,977,000
14 SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN CBS Wed 8:00 PM 9,889,000
15 THE GOOD WIFE CBS Sun 9:00 PM 9,076,000
16 THE AMAZING RACE CBS Sun 8:00 PM 8,909,000
17 GOLDEN BOY CBS Tue 10:00 PM 8,530,000
18 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC Thu 9:00 PM 8,204,000
19 THE FOLLOWING FOX Mon 9:00 PM 8,153,000
20 CSI CBS Wed 10:00 PM 7,938,000

Now examineYoutube reach:

Youtube Statistics from Youtube:


  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year
  • YouTube is localized in 56 countries and across 61 languages
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network!

When you add to these statistics, the fact that over half of us, myself included, can now work from home, without traveling anywhere, and we can literally live almost anywhere, and work anywhere else; you begin to comprehend the huge extent to which these factors will change our lives in the next few years.

Imagine a world where everybody is an independent contractor;

A world where the technology aided ‘techno-markets’ become  so perfect because of the lack of fat, overhead, corruption, and administrative overhead of today, that it is a pure labor market, for whatever it is that you can do, from wherever you choose to live.  That day can come quicker than you think!

As an American, you already have at least rudimentary English and typing skills, some computer knowledge, and a knowledge of our current culture and trends, so you are now in business, being yourself!  If that sounds far-fetched, wake the ___ up!  We can do anything we can imagine doing!


We can use social networking technology to set up our own local barter networks to obtain everything that we need.  Local hotshots can haul anything anywhere.  I ask you to imagine what would happen if we all just dropped out of debt completely?  It is not that hard: aided by modern solar and other technologies, and fed when need be (machines, computers) by the existing structure, large numbers of us could simply invent a less expensive, and more fulfilling lifestyle, IMO.  And I am not alone:

According to this article: http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/living-off-the-grid.htm:

“It’s impossible to get an accurate count of exactly how many people in the United States live off-grid, but in 2006, Home Power magazine estimated that more than 180,000 homes were supplying their own power. Another 27,000 homes use solar and wind energy to offset their grid-connected life [source: USA Today]. The back-to-the-land movement accounts for some of these numbers, but more people in developed urban areas are looking to get off the grid as well. For most, it’s a good way to be friendly to the environment. For others, it’s a relief not to rely on overworked utility companies to meet their needs.”

According to Wikipedia,

On 13 April 2006, USA Today reported that there were “some 180,000 families living off-grid, a figure that has jumped 33% a year for a decade,” and cited Richard Perez, publisher of Home Power Magazine,[6] as the source.[7] Assuming the same rate of growth, there would be a quarter million off-grid households in the United States by late 2007. Because many Third World citizens have never had the chance to go on the grid, current estimates are that 1.7 billion people live off-grid worldwide.[8]

As someone who is old enough to remember how easy and fulfilling it was without all these technological advances to raise, can, butcher, and prepare my own food, I can tell you then with modern solar collectors, pumps, lights, and electronics married to old fashioned black barrels; from wood stoves to modern  gardening techniques, there is absolutely no reason why we cannot feed and clothe ourselves without feeding so much to The Man!!

US Tax Structure favors the smallest of businesses – the sole proprietorship:

By paying our taxes online, we can all be independent 1099 businesses, work from home, deduct much, and pay absolutely nothing in taxes, completely legally, I have done it for years, without cheating.

My advice: become the proprietor of your own labor in 2014.

Small business people built this country, and we can reclaim it.

Original article is here

16 0f 1001 | Re-invent yourself for Business in 2014 | Sustainable Living

15 of 1001 | Do Business With Your Competitors Customers in 2014 – and now

This is how your competitors clients are fed to you…


Do you have the right to compare yourself to your direct competitors in a public forum?

The short answer is yes, as long as you are honest.  It is safest simply to compare features and prices.   Design your business plan to allow this to convert your competitors customers:

Do Business With Your Competitors Customers in 2014 – and now

The art and science of the competitive comparison down and dirty:

When you run a Google search for ‘Fast Track ISO 9001 Certification Houston Texas‘,  there are three main players with credibility and size:

1. Qualaco – ‘fast track’  ISO 9001 Quality Control Experts – Certification Guaranteed
2. http://www.masquality.com/ - no Guarantee but great rankings. 3. http://iso9001group.com/ - again no guaranteee but great Google rankings.

Thus the reason for this post: our client, Qualaco – ‘fast track’  ISO 9001 Quality Control Experts – Certification Guaranteed, is the only one who guarantees results, with a 10,000,000 bond to back it up!  Considering the cost of such services, it is a “no-brainer!”

Comparing Fast Track ISO 9001 Certification Companies in Houston Texas

14 of 1001 – Social Media Optimization for 2014 Now

Social Media is now MainstreamI have heard of prices ranging from a full time position for an in-house employee, to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for help with social media profiles, rankings, link authority, publishing, blogging, websites, groups, list building, website design and social media marketing and branding in general.  You can throw a rock and hit several starving self-proclaimed social media marketing professionals. Being in social media does not make you a professional marketer or advertiser.

What is hard to find in this market, is:

  • Clearly defined services
  • Clearly defined strategy
  • Clearly defined specs
  • Clearly defined fee splits and prices
  • Clearly defined performance standards
  • Clarity in general


I am published many places and many times on these topics, including, but not limited to DZone, Yahoo News… and these existing published  properties are the source of my power.1001 Ways to do Business E-book

The way this works is that a professional can build link-authority on a topic and/or a geographical area, simply by publishing slightly more and slightly better content,  properly optimized and formatted.  This is easier to do than you think.

Wide-open, free-for-all media, with little or no moderation or gatekeepers, is obviously what we all prefer ( as evidenced by the fact that Youtube is bigger than all four M.S.M networks combined – CBS, FOX, CNN, ABC).  This intentional authority ranking can be done, and is being done on purpose, by a select savvy few, while the rest of you procrastinate and get your proverbial asses kicked daily.

I can prove this over 1000 times easily, from my brand new blog here in Pagosa Springs Colorado (pagosa springs social network Google search) to my page I put up all the way back in 2007 to make a point (real estate social media advertising Google search) it is simply a matter of knowing what to do and then doing it.

Maybe you wonder why any local business would want to reach everybody in town who is looking for the local newspaper, or a social network?  Consider what that broad reach would have cost ten years ago!  Consider also, that everybody is interested in something local or niche, but that one only needs, for instance, a Realtor a few times in a lifetime.  For me, I will cal the guy with the biggest blog presence!  That is my kind of real estate professional!  Nobody wants to do business with the old low tech guy (or gal)  in any business, if they are smart.

I am an expert on this topic: “social media advertising agency“, just ask Youtube Search!

In my world, and in this market, all that really matters is:

1.  What have you done lately?

2.  Can you prove it? (Example: disruptive guerrilla tactics)

I am here to tell you that what I do, and what so many other “social media marketers” claim to do, has become a specialty, requiring link-authority, property, a knowledge base, and time commitment in order to maintain that power.

For instance, any of you can be the ‘local news advertising agency’ for your city and state according to Google, with my help; https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=local+news+advertising+agency

Our properties have power to rank your real estate website for searches owned and controlled otherwise by Realtor.com, Zillo, and the like… without doing what they do; without making a page that is populated with your peers (1A thru Z) outrank yours for your proper name search!

Buyer beware of content aggregates like ActiveRain.com, who’s new owners obviously understand none of this. Nobody is looking for a page populated a-z by salespeople, as evidenced by the very high bounce rate on these pages. There are many outdated products and services on the market which are actually detrimental to their buyers.

While you may be able to master some portion of this on your own, you cannot compete with a full-time professional for niche or geographical searches.  Those of us who have been far-sighted and hard working, actually own Internet Real Estate and authority, and you can do this also, both on a smaller scale for your geographic or niche topic, and also to build a profession in a field of expertise helping others.

Our content aggregate at http://uplog.org is simply WordPress Multisite, but three years of content and over 130 linked together active blogs is almost impossible to catch up with or compete with.  Some of what I, and people like me can do for you, you are not likely to do for yourself.  I am not doing it for free, but you may be really surprised just how inexpensive it is.

In the interest of further organizing this emerging market that I all but invented, we have developed the following system for organized fees and splits for needed services: we pay 30% for sales, 30% for content creation, and 30% for setup and graphics.  UpLog.org agency gets 10% net.

Read these descriptions and specs of services and prices before you pay more, for less:

1. Basic Social Media Optimization -

this can be done on any scale.  We charge $150 for three optimized profiles of your choice, and our special strategic training – Three hours counting the setup and training:

Quick Social Media Setup

Los Angles County Social Network Blog

2. Community Social Blog and Facebook Group Setup and Blast

Just $300 puts your message out and keeps you on top of the world  exclusively for what you do where you do it for 90 days; and an optional $175 keeps your listing, links and postings on the blog for at least one year if you post weekly (play to pay).  Optional ongoing promotion exclusive at $1000/year.

3. Social Media Domination: Set it and forget it!


Adds PHP list opt-in newsletter setup first month, monthly blast to any list thereafter: dominates search engines and three social networks of choice; builds opt-in ezine list for client.
(We use all of our resources and our audience to get things going tastefully)  $500 down includes PHP List setup, initial list building and invitation,  and initial blast.  $300 month maintains an ongoing campaign in perpetuity.
When you add these (above) services to the occasional custom website, you have an honorable and needed profession in the marketing and advertising industry.

In closing, many companies offer similar services, with less detail and higher prices.  Ask for proof before you buy.  One social network and Facebook group like the ones that we build can feed to many local or niche clients everybody in town eventually.  As the budget grows, the blog and groups become larger with the larger budget for other forms of marketing.

You actually can not separate social media optimization from the impact it has on actual results from all other forms of marketing, and the actual retention of some return from those other activities.

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101 – Social Media Optimization for 2014 Now – or let me do it for you!