Table of Contents 2012 | Rothman Guide


I have been a pioneer in the field of using real content and user generated and user-filtered content to promote advertising clients. Now we will sell over $1,000,000.00 of advertising again this year, on purpose: this guide will document this and show you how.

  1. Anatomy Of Successful WPMU (WordPress Multisite) Multi-user Blog – the Story
  2. 2012 planning guide - 6 traits that are natural for dogs –
  3. 2012 Year of Wildcat Social Media according to Rabbi Hillel
  4. 5 Minute Seo blog Posting Guide | Updated for 2012 Rothman Guide
  5. 10 Questions to ask yourself about your Social Media
  6. 101 A never-ending market for whatever it is that you love – Non-Profit Social Media
  7. 2012 Local Internet Real Estate – the new Homesteading Business Opportunity
  8. 2012 Statistics Politics, Religion and Social Media Marketing
  9. Create Posts for Map Navigation for a geographical taxonomy using MapPress in WordPres
  10. Website Becoming the Local Newspaper Radio Station and TV Station
  11. 2012 WordPress | Enterprise Level Social Network | Google Maps Navigation
  12. 101 A community blog why?
  13. 2012 B2B Business Opportunity to be THE Local Community Online Media
  14. 10 Disruptive Guerrilla Tactics that Generate Hits and Conversions
  15. 2012 top Social Media Jobs are in Social Media Management
  16. 101 Changing the Media Model From Control By Distribution
  17. 7 Best 2012 Websites to Post Content On | How and Why
  18. 2012 Best Advertising | Local News Blogging Replacing the Newspaper
  19. City-State-Community-Blog the how and why you want one!
  20. How to Promote Local Business on a Community Blog
  21. 1M Dollar Blog Post | The value of a post that ranks
  22. 50+ Towns in Texas Hill Country and Becoming a Mover and Shaker in one of them
  23. April 15th 2012 B2B Network News Goes Bi-Monthly | Advertise Now Instead of Paying Obama!
  24. 101 Converting Old School Websites in .ASP and .CFM to WordPress-open-source CMS
  25. San Antonio Ticket Lawyer in Texas | How to Fight Tickets and Build Traffic to a Website
  26. How to Promote a Real Estate Agent-Broker with a Local News and Information Resource
  27. 101 How to raise money for a start-up under SEC Rule 506 of Regulation D
  28. Affinity Marketing 101 | How to cross link a niche and GEO targeted website for lead capture
  29. 2012 Checklist for Automated Website or Blog Audit
  30. 1000000 USD Buys US Citizenship Easily and Legally
  31. Blueprint for Large Real Estate Brokers | In-House Lead Generator Service
  32. Business Consulting – to be a good teacher you must be a good student first..
  33. Houston Texas Community News Blog – Not I am in Real Estate too Blog
  34. June 15 2012 B2B News Special California Edition | California Housing Market Report
  35. 101 How to Self Publish an E-book Self-Help Market Case-Study
  36. Largest social networking groups in Los Angeles or anywhere begin on Facebook 
  37. Why I Write – Baby Boomer Mid-Life Solutions for Crisis and Profit 
  38. Becoming the Number 1 Local News Advertising Agency In Your Town 
  39. 3 Easy Steps to Create the Largest Social Networking Group in Your Town on Facebook
  40. 101 How To Make all your posts from Facebook searchable on Google
  41. Blogging 101 – Writing for 3+ Audiences at the same time – Art + Science
  42. 1000 USD per year New Media Model is all the Advertising your business will ever need! 
  43. Becomeing the 1 Number One Internet Advertising Consultant in Your
  44. Town How to make and attorney rank line one number one on Google
  45. 1rst on Google Search 4 City-State–Real-Estate-MLS-Listings Search Overnight
  46. 101 How Bed and Breakfast Gets 753 visitors Monthly from Google Organic
  47. 2012 Event Planning LA Social Media Advertising New York…
  48. Death of SEO for Real Estate and Hospitality-Events Planning Advertising Agencies – Panda update 3.9
  49. Niche Marketing on Steroids – Social Media Advertising Agency Services
  50. How Real Estate Teams Work – Kathy Toth and Team in Anne Arbor MI
  51. 101 New Media Real Estate – Spending on Social Media Advertising Increases Dramatically
  52. Texas Heritage Music – Living Reef Memorial – Non-Profit Social Media Blogging
  53. 2012 September | Marketing Action Plan – Social Media Advertising Agency Services
  54. 101 Create the largest social network in your town overnight
  55. 101 Video Blogging Tutorial – Youtube First Rankings and Traffic
  56. 2013 Social Media Marketing Planning Checklist

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