2013 Rothman Guide

Announcing the 2013 Rothman Guide to Modern Advertising

This year we will focus more on strategy and execution of a modern online marketing plan using enterprise level content marketing in a post-Panda 3.9 Update world:

Table of Contents

  1. How to let the world know a perfectly optimized, growing website is there: modern “press release” considerations.
  2. Marketing with Linkedin Groups in 2013
  3. 4 Mega-Trends that will change our lives forever in 2013
  4. Facebook Groups vs Meetup.com – I would not buy stock in Meetup
  5. Social Media Advertising Agency – According to the Largest News Media Network 
  6. 101 Buyer beware of WordPress – Time is Money – Open-Source Horror Story
  7. 101 Advertising Funded by Advertising – Arizona Social Network Editor Announced
  8. 1 Next Online Influence Rush – join the new Google+ Communities now
  9. 2013 Audience Building | Google+ | Facebook | YouTube | Communities | Groups | Friends | Fans
  10. 2013 Marketing Planning Checklist for Social Media Advertising – 8 Musts
  11. 100000+ Realtors will be Cheating their clients in 2013 – 10 ways you will
  12. 2013 New Years Resolution Checklist for Social Media Advertising
  13. 2013 Professional Services Social Media -Be the Expert Source – Social Media Advertising Agency
  14.  Google Algorithms Explained in Plain English | 2013
  15. A Successful Blog Launch Formula and Analytic
  16. Blueprint for a Local Advertising Power-Team | How to compete with the big boys online
  17. The Future of Online Social and Business Networking | Linkedin | Facebook | Google+
  18. 2013 SEO 101 | The New Search Engine Optimization | Being the Source of Real Content
  19. 2013 How to Serve Realtor – The Multiple Vendor Hot Potato Blues
  20. 101 Politics and Religion of New Media – Strange Bedfellows
  21. 2013 5 Minute Blog Posting S.E.O. Guide
  22. B2B – B2C on Facebook – how our Facebook Groups go viral
  23. Social Media Lead Generation and Conversion Secrets for Photographers and other Professionals
  24. 101 | Content Marketing | Blog Aggregates | How and Why They Rank in 2013
  25. 101 | Social Media Optimization for Bricks and Mortar Retail | S.M.O. for Dummies – Failure of Main Stream Media
  26. 101 Becoming the largest social network in San Francisco on Facebook is easy – if you know how.
  27. 2013 How Link Authority Works for SEO Blogging
  28. Best B2B Business-in-a-Box ever invented | Commercial |SBA | Micro-Lending | Off-Market Real Estate

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