30 of 1001 | Social Media Builds World-View Perspective in 2014 | Online Dating Changes the World Forever | The Gracie Nakalyango Example

The Internet changes our view of ourselves and the rest of the world.

Example: Meet Gracie Nakalyango in Uganda

Gracie  Nakalyango in Uganda

Gracie is a living doll – 31 years old, single mother of three, looks half her age, is in business for herself to feed and clothe her children ( Abandoned by their father)  and to feed and clothe those of other abandoned and widowed mothers.

What a perspective builder for me!  Gracie is hard working, raises her own garden, makes her own clothes, builds her own buildings, owns her own land, and just simply wants to be somebodies wife and to care for her children.

Where would you find a woman like this in America?  I probably would not.   Many Americans with fussy, lazy, out of shape wives and girlfriends could not even imagine her humbleness, willingness to love and work, and give herself with total faith in God, a committed Christian, spirit filled beyond the understanding of anybody who has never been poor.  A woman who is still a woman, all the way, with all these wonderful qualities, and without a selfish “me first” American mindset; devoid of rampant wasteful consumer attitudes that are so prevalent here.  Gracie does dishes; makes, washes and recycles clothes by hand; raises a garden, and two pigs, and she has her own ministry and school, is self-sufficient out of necessity.  Where would an older American man find a woman of such character, so beautiful and unencumbered by vanity or addictions?

Gracie wants a man older than her, mature, not likely to run off, who will be a strong and good father to her twins and her other child; and they are beautiful beyond belief!  She would gladly relocate, with her kids, to do so.

If racist “world view” thoughts are going through your mind right now, consider that modern genetic research proves that Gracies’ genetics as a young black woman, who is inches taller than this 5′ 7 ” white American of European Jewish decent; her DNA differ less from mine, that that of two thoroughbred dogs from the same mother!  It is now proven that we are all, in fact, brothers and sisters.

With everyone in the world able to talk to everyone in the world, the best and the brightest from all generations and all countries are meeting online, and that “world view” is changing our culture, and our perspective, and our view of ourselves forever; our very genetics are changing.

If I had the money at the moment, I would back her ministry and  her replacement, and bring her here, to care for her and her children.  Her youth, and hard working humility would be hard or impossible to find here, for me, and for many of my divorced, widower and otherwise displaced peers.  We could not find such a young and loving beauty, and such an instant, undemanding,  appreciative family here.

But there are women like Gracie all over the world.  They would come here in a heartbeat if they had the opportunity; and in her culture, she is considered skinny (they like fat women); here, she is a beauty beyond belief;  Model material – you would never imagine that she could have three children and look this good.

According to this article in Forbes: 

A Third of Recently Married Couples Met Online and They’re More Satisfied and Less Likely To Split-Up

“A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that 35% of couples married between 2005 and 2012 met online and that these couples were slightly more likely to stay together and “associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction among those respondents who remained married,” according to the report.”

Who would have thought that  the trend would prove that such unions are less likely to result in the couple splitting up, and “slightly higher marital satisfaction” ?!

As a man who can retire early with enough to support such a family, I can tell you that no American woman would embrace such an opportunity the same way that Gracie would.  As a writer with a tested proven IQ that I wont share here, I can tell you that Gracie is extremely intelligent, nothing wrong with her genetics, healthy, beautiful, smart…only the best, quickest, brightest survive where she is from.

In my opinion, we will all be “Heinz 57″ hybrid mixes someday soon, healthier and less inbred than our ancestors – less bigoted, and more tolerant humans, and I, for one, look forward to that day.  These trends are accelerated by technology, and especially by the Internet and global free communications.

That this is good for mankind, for me, for Gracie and her kids, and, eventually, will change the entire world, is obvious to me.  What do you think?

Perhaps American women, who do not cook, do dishes, wash clothes; who are not the least bit humble or loving or giving; perhaps the selfish and the fleshy will become more like Gracie to compete, and everything will change.  I suspect that it will, and according to almost everyone else, it already has.

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Social Media Builds World-View Perspective in 2014 | Online Dating Changes the World Forever | The Gracie Nakalyango Example