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Uplog.org Social Media Advertising Agency and PR Network B2B – B2C Business Opportunity

UpLog.org Social Media Advertising Agency

Roar with US!

Becoming the number number 1 New York Largest Social Network, or 1 New York Local News Advertising Agency is easy, if you are one of US!

Welcome to UpLog.org. There will be a blog here for every city and state: only one for each. There can be one blog for each industry niche; and an unlimited number of E-Books. Each is a business opportunity because we roar as friends and followers and tweeters weekly together with our blogs and profiles!

As a team, we can dominate any organic search terms intentionally and easily. Therefore, we are exclusive: and conflicts of interests are not allowed. Our groups of contractors and professionals all over the world are the best anywhere, and together our power in the search engines and social networks is enormous.

By blogging together we dominate the search engines and the social networks on behalf of ourselves and our clients!  We roar!

UpLog.org is a very different kind of advertising agency: we are a huge team of independent bloggers working together.

We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how.
Why buy from anyone else? 805-827-2450 info@uplog.org

I re-branded as Uplog.org in November 2011 to be a local news advertising agency . Now, with 100+ of us blogging together, there is almost nothing we cannot achieve on behalf of ourselves and our clients. Now it is time for you to take the bold step that I took all the way back then, over $9,000,000.00 ago: if you can sell, or if you can write, or you need traffic and rankings: I need you!

There will be a local news advertising agency for every city and state: it will replace the local newspaper with our totally digital alternative, and our 180% different and better content-producing advertising model; which eliminates outdated lead generators and middlemen,who stand between the advertiser and his intended audience, completely. The liaison is now between Facebook and Google organic search, between individuals and the business in their areas and niches where they do business: at http://UpLog.org – the roar of all of US!

Who are we?
Just the number one B2B Home Business in the world!  And that is exactly what we do for our clients!
We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how.
Why buy from anyone else? 805-827-2450 info@uplog.org Terms of service here.

Performance Based Marketing with a Guarantee of Results


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1 in New York NY | New York Social Network and Local News Advertising Agency

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