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Online Evangelism in WordPress

Regardless of what your faith is, if you believe in something, you are more civilized than a monkey.    If we can agree that we all seek seek to know our creator, and the truth, then we have a great deal in common right there.

The process of seeking to know the truth, and the good hearts of such people, is not as different as people think between the cultures.  Life is not a football game, for we are all God’s children, and we all win, or lose, together.

Modern evangelists spread truth online with a beautiful WordPress custom website for under $600, with training and support and free hosting for one year:  they can edit, change, and share with millions at will, in minutes, for free; on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+…all over the world!

I believe that prophecy is simply the knowledge of what will inevitably happen over the course of time because of forces which are already in motion.

This does not relieve us of responsibility for our actions, because the future has not yet happened, and one man, obviously, can have a huge influence on future events.

We will be judged, in my belief, according to our deeds (our ‘fruit’) – the sure proof of our intent, and our belief.

This begs the question: do you believe something?  Anything?

Then prove it!

A donation of $1 or more US buys a blog for a year at yourname.UpLog.org, to push a custom website with training and support and hosting for one year, like Love Sign Ministries above,  what are you waiting for?!  A crowd funding campaign, and/or full service marketing in groups, by email, and in video is not that much more.  Get started right now; God is watching you, and so are millions of US!!

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Online Evangelism in 2014 | Modern Ministry in WordPress