2014 Rothman Advertising Guide

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18 of 2001 | Do business as the new Hybrid for Hospitality and Real Estate in 2014

Announcing 2014 Hybrid for Hospitality and Real Estate 

2014 Market Domination Bundle:

  •  Setup and optimization for target industry-location searches like “[cityname] homes for sale” first page SRP’s on Google and others..(see Kingman Homes for Sale)
  • Setup and optimization for largest google search competitors searches (IE: “Remax Agents [cityname][statename] (see kingman.uplog.org/kingman-arizona-az-86401-best-homes-for-sale/)
  • Master Sponsorship and permanent Links on custom SEO Blog and Facebook Local Social Network (only one master sponsor per town – see Kingman Arizona Social Network; one year old example: Coos Bay Social Network
  • Sustainable Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Custom optimization strategy and advice for existing website
  • Permanent, powerful links to target (client owned) website
  • Super-launch: blast to our over 10,000,000 person social media audience of actors, writers, producers, publishers, bloggers, celebrities, brokers, industry professionals, hospitality professionals, real estate professionals, travel professionals, business owners, technology professionals, Facebook, Google+, and linkedin groups, and entrepreneurs all over the world
  • Sponsorship and featured blog blast to our opt-in list server audience of over 500,000 and growing at Rothman Marketing list server and B2B Home Business Network News
  • 1 Year Ongoing promotion and optimization for local events and venues (See http://kingman.uplog.org/local-news-and-events/)
  • Ongoing training, strategy and advice for Social Media Advertising and sharing on Youtube.com, Likedin.com, Facebook and Google+
  • All the advertising you will ever need without paying per click, or per lead!
  • Exclusivity as master sponsor of the largest, or soon to be largest social network in your town (only one per town), with your message and links in first frame on every page!  (see Denver Locals Facebook Group)


Easy to buy at $300 Down, $250 per month with no long-term commitment: 

One year exclusive prepaid option: $2,500
Learn more here:

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