2013 How to Serve Realtor – The Multiple Vendor Hot Potato Blues

The multiple vendor blues!


When Tom Reed of Legacy Real Estate in Littleton, CO first became my client it was many years ago, when we charged $975 for just the website, $2,600 year for SEO and traffic, there was no Google Places, no Facebook groups, no Linkedin.com groups, no Google+, so no Google+ communities, no free training to go with….I could go on and on. Unfortunately, many people buy the sweet lie that you do not need all of these things to succeed. If you attempt to buy them all from different vendors, the cost will add up to much more, and the whole package may not go together at all. The more ‘cooks in the kitchen’, the less palatable the food in this case. Modern Internet advertising has become mainstream, elaborate, competitive, and, if you deal with the wrong vendors, exorbitantly expensive; if you act as your own project manager, probably even more expensive, and less effective still!.

In my business, the wrong client will drive cost through the roof, and destroy the effectiveness of the effort, because they do not understand that they are not shopping for clothes. In Modern Online Marketing (what we call Social Media Advertising Agency – strategy+website+SEO+local+training+social media setup+social media launch+ongoing marketing and posting), it is impossible to separate the elements of a successful campaign between vendors and still achieve the desired results – especially if the client (usually more of a novice In one area or another than they care to admit) wants to make DECISIONS.

The good news is that with a comprehensive service, well managed, all these things can be provided with a first year cost of $975.00 USD, even in the expensive and competitive markets we play in (like real estate and hospitality and events planning).

I challenge you to find a better value! Remember, everything is interrelated – don’t get the hot-patio multiple-vendor blues!

Bundled Websites With Social Media Advertising (REAL LIFE EXAMPLE FOLLOWS)

Virtual Server Hosting
If you want to launch a new idea, or to build your existing business, just having a website created is only one piece in the puzzle. Instead of buying each thing from different vendors, you can save money and get a better end product by buying a bundled solution.

All Word Press/Social Media Advertising Bundles Include:

  • A state-of-the-art website with a content management system which allows you to edit all content at will, *customized to fit your taste, bundled with hosting, upgrades, ongoing support, and ongoing promotional services, which include:
  • *Migration of your old static site for free
  • Customization of graphics and theme to match your business, targeted community, template or existing website
  • Online business strategy and advice
  • Expert on-site search engine optimization and one hour of WordPress S.E.O. training (site architecture)
  • Custom domain name registration and/or domain name transfer/hosting included
  • One year free Virtual Server account: Robust hosting with CPanel software allowing you to park additional domains (as many as you like), have add-on domains (as many as you like under 20), unlimited pop email accounts, push-button backup and restore, push button installation of almost any open-source software and much more:
  • 90 day exclusive advertising launch to our 3,000,000+ audience, local or niche marketing blog, instant rankings ($300 value)
  • Google places assistance (come up on local and map searches for free)
  • Assistance with creation of three branded social media profiles; Linkedin, Facebook, Google+
  • IDX integration for Realtors if so desired.

A Beautiful WordPress Site and a Marketing Blog

Uplog.org Custom WordPress Bundle:
$975 – $500.00 down, Balance of $475 when the website is completed and the client is trained to edit and change at will and we start the marketing (see above)

Example: denver.uplog.org is being launched here to refurbish, re-rank, and re-market hotcoloradorealestate.com – the new WordPress is much prettier to begin with: we are framing his IDX from his other website for now…

Hot Colorado Real Estate com

Then our standard blog starting setup is not bad at http://denver.uplog.org


Then there is the Denver Locals Facebook Group: already started for him at https://www.facebook.com/groups/denverlocals/  with our famous value statement, and already 121 members:

Post networking opportunities, local events, and interesting stories; recipes, local attractions, inspirational stories; introduce yourself to the group when you join! You never know what or who you will find!
Share, keep it business-worthy and polite, heavily moderated. Conversation is welcome and requested always – add your Friends to the group please when you join. This will become one of the largest Facebook groups. Once you are accepted, you can post by email to: denverlocals@groups.facebook.com
You are welcome and encouraged to post community events, invitations, open houses, announcements…
This group was created for you: when you post here, you reach all of us in a very personal way – I have had to remove a few spammers and will continue to do so – You can feel safe to click the + at the right and add any of your friends, they need not do anything – very few people are using this little known option on Facebook – this group went to nearly 100 the first week – it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Join us, network with us, but do not spam us and expect to be aloud to stay here: no MLM  hype without substance or value, no frivolous claims.

And last but not least, the rankings and local traffic -

Optimized for Denver Colorado Real Estate MLS Listings Google search, it may take some work to do that (for instance our distressedrealestate.org  ranks line 1 for Washington distressed real estate Google search from the previous client – as you can see it is now for sale to a new client)

However, there are some searches that reach good solid local people which this post will rank for in hours, or even minutes: like this search that wil immediately grab some people by outranking the Denver post for denver local news advertising agency Google search.

As you can see, we have our own unique methodology, necessarily, because what we do is soooo competitive.  For that reason we are exclusive to our clients: Tom is our only Broker in Denver township for now, and that exclusivity can be maintained in perpetuity at only $100 per month, after the initial 90 days that are included, if he so decides.

BTW Shameless plug:

Social Media Advertising Agency B2B B2C
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