101 Politics and Religion of New Media – Strange Bedfellows?

social-network1In a  recent conversation with one of my many real life angels, it became apparent once again that God was speaking to me.  Before you label me a cook, nut, or something worse, I should point out to you that, although I do believe in real life angels, and that I have met many of them personally, these are not metaphysical manifestations with wings.  These angels of whom I speak are real people, who come into our lives when, whatever their other qualifications or lack thereof, they are uniquely qualified to get us to listen, when we are not listening to what we do need to hear:

For some it is not easy to see what it is all for…

  • For some it is not easy to see what it is all for: all the greed, all the hate, all the dirt, all the wars…
  • For some it is not easy, but it is easy for me – it ALL looks good to me..
  • You see, people are small, the race as a whole..we are simple, and selfish, and painfully slow.
  • We will not think, if we have a choice; and all that we endure is simply the voice of life, teaching us what we will not learn, yet we do need to know.
  • And if not for the trials, and traumas, and heart-aches and such…
  • Of truth and of  beauty and you would not know much.

~ Israel Rothman Copyright 1972

But regardless of whether or not you are tech-savvy, religious, activist, pacifist, political or not, New Media and the Internet are changing your lives, and you are reading this opinion, written by me.  I am affecting your attitude, your mood, your time, and, potentially, your beliefs.  In fact, we are all connected thus, because we need each other desperately, and everything that we do affects others around us, and, others on the other side of the globe, and those yet to be born even!

Some of you are overseas ( my audience of over 3,000,000 is global), some of you share one of my Linkedin.com Groups affiliations, or my Google+ groups, or one of my groups that I created on Facebook.  Some of you are fans, friends, family, followers, clients, or even competitors.  Perhaps you subscribe to one of my RSS Feeds, because you are occasionally interested in the videos, articles, tutorials or other inspirational content that I post.  I know for a fact, from our interaction over the years and months, that some of you are enlightened believers, and that others of you are staunch Atheists.

Yet here we all are together, reading the same article, within 72 hours millions of us, within the days and years to come, many millions more!

I actually realized today that I am a professional writer, published in more and more main-stream and moderated sources of content online all the time – imagine, ‘little ol’ me – orphaned at 11 years old, institutionalized at 16,   emancipated minor at 17, G.E.D. diploma in 1973.

At this moment, I am so humbled and awed by the power that has been handed to me just for being myself: I realize now that, like it or not, I have an online, accidental ministry – there are about 30-40 people who thrive on the inspirational and personal things that I write about my own beliefs.  This was never intentional.  I just simply need to share.  I need them and their feedback as much as they enjoy mine.

Regardless of your beliefs, you are being empowered beyond what was recently possible or even to be imagined, right from home.  You are compelled to examine your options, new options which you have never had, new audiences, new influence, or lack thereof; and, yes, even your core beliefs – what some would call your “World View”.   If you are not growing, you are shrinking, and ageing, and being left behind.

But when I actually to begin analyze and to evaluate the possibilities and effects of the combined proactive use of this new media to affect change, to inspire, to enlighten, to love and to be loved..I am awed:  I feel like an amplified human being on steroids!

The fact that my accidental congregation is twice the size of the many years old Church down the street; that their bricks and mortar and professional affiliations and budgets do not compete with my influence, that is amazing to me.

The scriptures often simply point out the obvious.  Because it is obvious, it sticks, it is repeated, and it becomes belief.  But if it was not already obvious, would it spread thus?  You must judge a vine by it’s fruit: just imagine the ramifications of every RSS feed, blog, website, groups, media all being vines – and mostly without gatekeepers, or moderators other than us ourselves, and you start to understand my curiosity about modern POP culture, and the affects of new media on that culture.

User-moderated, user-filtered new media is an amazing acceleration of human existence itself, and it will blast us into a future that few of us are really ready for.  This new world is coming into being at an amazing pace, whether or not you are ready.  Your participation, or lack thereof (as the case may be) is being watched, recorded, archived, and traced.   You are being weighed  measured and found lacking, or not, accordingly, whether or not you are in the conversation.

Perhaps it is time for you to join the conversation, hmmm?!

Your feedback, of any kind, is coveted and welcome.  The original article is here.

101 Politics and Religion of New Media – Strange Bedfellows?


  1. I am thankful to be here reading this message to remind me that humanity isn’t lost…but found… we are all stray in some ways at different levels, and we are just the dust of greatness with God love for us. Thank you for sharing your vision.

  2. Israel Rothman says:

    It is my honor and my pleasure, Mercedes Schmitt

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