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Competing online can make a business owner feel like a one man band

Lets face it: competing online for the small businessperson is a little like being a one man band!

But I am here to tell you that there is a better way to compete in local search, one which does not involve large amounts of money, and where you are not alone.  I am not here to push any product or service (shameless plug at the bottom of course).  I just want to share a very simple concept with you – a method that I and my clients have used to obtain many millions of dollars in business in the last ten years online; and to compete with huge behemoths many times our size effectively…


In the new online marketplace, content is king.  When it comes to local search, local content is king.  Eventually, the quality and popularity of that local content, whatever it’s source, will be the only thing that determines its visibility, and traditional SEO (search engine optimization) will be completely dead online (related: The slow death of SEO as we know it).

However, that day is not here yet.  Due to the proliferation of large, well capitalized lead generators of every flavor, from and and the like in the hospitality industry, to and and literally hundreds of other in the Real Estate arena, every competitive industry of any size has been cluttered up with over-capitalized public companies seeking to dominate a marketplace and sell it back to its rightful owners (the actual vendors and proprietors who offer services) using their own money, without providing any such services – not one bed, not one hotel room, not one real estate transaction.

While these middlemen are a natural progression as a new market is formed, just like the door to door salespeople who created the water filter market, the vitamin market and others industries which are now mainstream and available for cheap at Walmart; these temporary, overpriced, over-hyped, noisy competitors do not add to the services provided to consumers.  Mostly lead generators just mess up organic search effectiveness specifically, and they make it very difficult for mom and pop vendors and real estate, hospitality and other local professionals to compete for business online, and to otherwise keep up with the constant moving of the proverbial cheese which is caused by modern media merge in the meantime, and increasing prices in competitive advertising models like “PPC” (pay-per-click like Google), PPA (pay per action like affiliate programs) and other modern advertising vehicles.

Meanwhile, local newspaper circulation and local radio and TV bandwidth continues to slip, replaced by digital media, and social networks, and search engines continue to gobble up larger and larger user-ships, readerships, listenership, and audiences of all kinds.

The small advertiser must not only choose, they must also keep up, change, and compete for the eyes and ears of their intended audiences, and still compete with the middlemen.

The good news is that it is not as hard as it sounds.  Enter the


  •  Local businesses can combine their resources, and their REAL LOCAL CONTENT to trump the quality of artificially generated lead generators
  • By combining budgets between non-competitive local “complimentary” businesses serving the same local or niche clients, the cost per entity can be reduced all the way down to as little as $100 each per month
  • The resulting local site (what you might call a local social network site, with a large Facebook group) ( see as a two month old example) ranks and maintains dominance for local searches, effectively reaching the target audience cumulatively, in perpetuity!
  • The behemoth lead generators are forced from the local market by the local vendors themselves, Mozletov!
  • The local vendors  are aligned exclusively, so that they are not on a page populated by competitors!

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