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Linda Fessler is an Expert on Supreme Court Appeals

If you type into Google search box Los Angeles supreme court appeals attorney you will find LindaFessler.com on line one number one in the organic results, out of 316,000,000 results, with many many paid ads on the top and the side, where other attorneys bid against each other to pay per click for the links people rarely click on….

This, and a host of other terms for which she is now the authority source, is not done by paying anyone, not per click, nor per lead, nor per word, nor otherwise for outdated, spammy S.E.O. that no longer works, fake link building, or any other outdated form of outdated advertising.  Instead, this is accomplished with a well optimized WordPress blog we built for her, our link authority originally to get things started, and her willingness to follow through on a strategy which makes these rankings sustainable and permanent.

The formula that works every time

1.  Self-hosted (not on a network of dead blogs like WordPress.org, or Blogger), perfectly optimized WordPress open-source (free) C.M.S. (Content Management System)

2.  Excellent original prose, unique content (IE The client is actually an expert)

3.  Re-posting and bookmarking at least weekly posts in the right way linked back to the source with contextual links, in only a few of the right places.

Shameless plug:

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