2013 New Years Resolution Checklist – Social Media Advertising…

To hit your target the right aim is essentialWhen you type “real estate social media advertising” into Google from anywhere in the world, you would expect to find Mashable.com (one of the largest and oldest tech blogs) and Erica Swallow’s article on the topic.  But you probably did not expect to find me on line one number one in the organic results above them – my oldest and least active website.  If I was paying a lead generator like Active Rain or Realtor.com or Zillo or somebody like that, I would expect to see them with their hundreds of thousands of agents, wouldn’t you?

The reason that Mashable is there is obvious, a million hits per day, thousands of SEO bloggers….but why me?  You will find your answers in this checklist for getting serious this year:

2013 New Years Resolution Checklist for Social Media Advertising

1.  This year all of my content will originate from my one strongest internet property – one automated blog website (I recommend self-hosted WordPress)

2.  Every post will contain the title in the body – up-to seven key words or tags, linked back to the original post, building a trail back to me.

3.  Every link back will be a heading 2, 3, 4 or 5 telling the robots that it is important to the subject of the post and the link target.

4.  I will then bookmark and/or re-post these articles in many on-topic groups, categories, etc. religiously to maintain and increase cumulative link authority on the topic.

5.  I will optimize every image, profile, video and other Internet resource I maintain similarly, all congruently linked back to the  source (see 1 above)

6.  I will do this more, and better than my competitors, and it will work for me.


  1. Nice post and simply put, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great checklist. One question: How would a blog using WordPress work better for me than blog using Blogger? Help me learn how to do this right. Thanks!

  3. israeli says:

    Lori Koschnick, blogger is a free blog on a site connected to a bunch of dead and unrelated blogs, I suggested SELF-HOSTED WordPress, free blogs do not rank on Google organic search, nor give you the option to optimize them properly. the good news is that WordPress can import all of your posts from blogger – the content is easily moved in ten minutes. Another alternative is to use our code-base at Uplog.org (yourname.uplog.org) in which case you have the depth and link authority of 100+ of us blogging together, joined by one community, so that you first visitor see all of us looking back at them, and you are the only listing Realtor in town – see http://coosbay.uplog.org

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