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2013 Rothman Guide to Modern Advertising

The world of social media marketing and building a modern audience of people who follow, connect to, like, read and listen to you, your posts, your videos, your opinions, your jokes and your ideas, tutorials  tips, recommendations, etc.,  changes often and enough to boggle even the fastest among us.

However, if you are in business, or you need to spread a message, or are driven by a cause, doing so, and doing it online is not an option: it is a mandate if you want to be liked, heard, read, listened to, seen, invested in, revered etc.etc.etc….

So here is a simple , easy to follow list of some new basic rules for new media marketing – what we call social media advertising without paying per click, per lead, or per anything, and without breaking any search engine or moderators rules:

Introduction – An Indian guru once told me:

“Israel, before you say it, first ask yourself:

  • Why are you saying it?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • What will you gain from saying it?
  • What will your listener gain?

If you cannot answer any of these questions, do not say it.”

Hmmm!  Strong medicine for a loose cannon like me, but very wise.  It is not that you cannot be aggressive, strong, or opinionated – indeed the people who have the largest audiences have strong opinions (Rush, Oprah); it is just that it should be done on purpose, and the repercussions should  not be a surprise, nor an accident, because you can never take what you say back, especially when it is being distributed to an audience of millions.  My social media audience, for instance, is fairly small, perhaps only bout 3-4,000,000 people are directly  affected in some way by everything that I post, and they are not always the same people, but you get the idea that what I say here has consequences which can be both good and bad.  One of the very reasons that I have that audience size is that I say many very controversial things, and that often backfires.  I am watched, called out, ridiculed, and attacked often by, amongst others, malicious competitors who simply want to hurt me.  At the same time, some of those very same posts are liked, shared, and distributed person to person by my friends, connections, and fans – who also often come to my aid.

In the end, people who are online are just people.  They are affected, afflicted, and they react similarly to how they do in person, but with the aid of technology, the affect is faster, it is multiplied, and it is leveraged.

There are three basic ways to extend your reach:

1.  Become a source – start your own groups, discussions, movements, lists and categories; even invent your own terms, and even words.

2.  Join others – groups, communities, discussions, movements  causes, and pick up reach from like-minded affinities.

3.  Connect to, follow, befriend, and serve heroes, leaders, gurus, founders etc. bootstrapping your audience from theirs.

Since all these methods are very dependent on a two way connection, and the effect that you have on others, rather than your money, age, credentials or any other factor – the Karma-conscious Gurus advice becomes even more relevant.  Here are some basic dos and don’ts:


  • Challenge the incorrect – this establishes you as an expert, but expect repercussions  and be prepared to defend yourself.
  • Tell the truth – the truth has power online – we all recognize it when we see it, whether we admit it or not.
  • Ask permissions – to join, connect, include, comment, discuss, challenge  – the Internet is about permission marketing – asking permission shows respect to peoples personal space, expertise, group, followers, friends, moderators…
  • Say something new, nobody wants to here regurgitated cliches, reprints, kudos, self interested humor – be original, it is more interesting, and more popular.
  • Ask for questions, opinions, remarks, preferences – we are all voyeurs to one extent or another;  we are interested in what each other think, are doing ,like, hate , love, etc…

Do not:

  • Repeat yourself over and over again, that is spam.
  • Disagree too often with the moderator, if you want to stay!
  • Hold yourself out to be something that you are not – you are transparent online – we will call bullshit on you!
  • Lie – you will get caught.
  • Spam, you will be removed, find yourself all by yourself.
  • Waste our time – we are all victimized by that – it is called SPAM!  Be brief!
  • Choose the middle ground, yech!, BORING, too many of you already!
  • Tell us boring details from your past – frankly, we are more interested in our boring details LOL.
But above all, do share: your ideas, photos, emotions, experiences, heartaches, insights – as my friend Bill Gassett says:
“Social media is about being social.”  
People are gregarious, and that is what drives it all.

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2013 Audience Building | Google+ | Facebook | YouTube | Communities | Groups | Friends | Fans