100000+ Realtors will be Cheating their clients in 2013 – 10 ways you will

Realtors are cheating their clientsThe National Association of Realtors (NAR) lists 1.2M members (which may include some commercial real estate professionals), but the Department of Labor puts the jobs number at about 500,000 (which also might include commercial real estate professionals).

It is actually a gross understatement to say that over 100,000 of them (20% of the low estimate)  Will be cheating their clients in 2013!  This may well apply to YOU!  10 ways that you cheat your clients:

  1. If you are holding yourself out to be a good agent or broker, and you do not have a blog, you are cheating your clients!
  2. If you are not a major influence in Linkedin Groups (you can be in up-to 50 of them simple by sharing your blog) so you are cheating your clients.
  3. If you are not on the new Google+ communities with a niche or geographical Community started and moderated by you, you are cheating your clients of the exposure you could provide to them, and cheating yourself out of more clients!
  4. If you do not have a Facebook group that targets your market, you are cheating your clients and a better listing presentation!
  5. If you are not using at least a couple of bookmarking sites like Digg.com, Google bookmarks, Technorati, to create content specific links back to your listings and posts creating organic rankings and traffic, you are cheating your clients.
  6. If you do not post at least once per week to make sure that the robots visit you often enough to do some good for your new listings, you are cheating your clients.
  7. If you are not taking the time, when you create profiles, images, videos, posts of all kinds – optimizing them well for organic search rankings with the little extra effort that will get them seen, you are cheating your clients.
  8. If you are not advertising for free on Youtube  (the biggest media in the world, bigger than NBS, CBS, Fox, CNN and ABC combined)   by posting well optimized videos pushed to the top of search results by well promoted and optimized FREE blog posts, you are cheating your clients!
  9. If you do not optimize for negative key words, you are not cheating on your clients behalf!
  10. If you are not optimizing for community words like Chamber of Commerce events, local sports…you are cheating both your clients and yourselves!


You are a hired gun for your clients.  Why hunt with a pellet gun when you can buy a BAZOOKA for less?!

Wake up to social media advertising!

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 100000+ Realtors will be Cheating their clients in 2013 – 10 ways you will