4 Mega-Trends that will change our lives forever in 2013

The brave new world we live in is made possible by modern Internet technologyBig brother is you and me!

At 58 years old, I will not embarrass myself by telling you how much I have resisted technological change in my lifetime, and how much that has cost me in time, money, and excellence; but I will say that, as an accomplished technology professional, and being the number one “Internet Advertising Consultant” in the world according to Google search, you have probably resisted and suffered far more than I.

Things have changed and bounced around at a break-neck pace in my lifetime, and in yours if you are reading this article, things change. Two years ago I sat at my computer and launched a self-hosted WordPress blog at uplog.org.  Now with over 140 blogs and growing ( eventually there will be one for each town and each niche), the team of professional bloggers that I envisioned then has come to fruition.

But here is the rest of the story: I was completely broke at the time, had lost everything during the crash, had separated myself from my sons business (http://moviepals.org) which I had helped him start, and I did not even have the rent for my studio apartment after my recent divorce!

I disclose these things only to prove the point that things have changed; none of this would have been possible a few years ago, and certainly not without a large budget.

Here are the Mega-Trends that will shape that future; I will leave it to you to interpret how they will affect you and your business:

  1. Telecommuting - it is no longer necessary to live and work in the same place, nor within driving distance.
  2. Instant publishing on social media – the new “gatekeeper” whom you need to get through to be heard, may simply be somebody like me, who has started many groups and discussions; who has an  opt-in email list audience of over 130,000 and growing (type ‘B2B home business’ into Google search); who has a “reach” in social media groups as founder and moderator and/or “top influence”  of over 3,000,000; and who has all this power without ever being a famous movie star, without ever being picked up by Main Stream Media
  3. Leveling of the playing field –  all this can happen independent of any formal educational credential, without any help form any wealthy mentor….
  4. Global communication for free via the Internet – ramifications here are huge – from the Gospel being preached to all ends of the earth, to the proverbial “book of life” being written forensically by us, digitally; to a disturbing and scary trend that we seem to be headed toward inevitable “one world government.”  An uneven playing field is slowly being flattened one Internet connection, one hand held device, one unpopular or popular idea, tweet, share, like at a time…
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4 Mega-Trends that will change our lives forever in 2013

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