101 Facebook Groups vs Meetup.com – I would not buy stock in Meetup

Yesterday I trained the Internet assistant at Coos Bay Toyota, and we officially launched the Facebook group and marketing for http://coosbay.uplog.org.

While the stats for the Coos Bay Social Network blog are impressive, what we are consistently able to accomplish with Facebook groups using our strategy is amazing.   I should mention that in one day our Facebook Group went to almost 500 members – when meetup.com has 0, that is right 0 groups in this area, and the nearest meetup.com groups, starting at 69 miles away and farther,  do not have nearly this many members in all the years meetup.com has existed!

Here are the stats from the blog launch first day: I installed the analytics yesterday morning:

51 people visited this site
Visits: 79
Unique Visitors: 51
Pageviews: 187
Pages / Visit: 2.37
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:04:17
Bounce Rate: 56.96%
% New Visits: 63.29%
63.29%New Visitor50 Visits
36.71%Returning Visitor29 Visits

The Facebook group is here:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/buyersgroup/ (you will need to login to Facebook, and the group is moderated by me)

Doing this is not hard: the only part of the value statement that you will not  be able to duplicate without my help, is easily created with a $300 UpLog.org SEO Blog:

Share, keep it business-worthy and polite, heavily moderated. Conversation is welcome and requested always – add your Friends to the group please when you join. This will become one of the largest Facebook groups. You are welcome and encouraged to post community events, invitations, open houses, announcements…once you join you can post my email to:
101 Facebook Groups vs Meetup.com – I would not buy stock in Meetup 
Second day launch statistics from new blog:
119 people visited this site
Visits: 190
Unique Visitors: 119
Pageviews: 414
Pages / Visit: 2.18
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:16:00
Bounce Rate: 60.53%
% New Visits: 58.95%
58.95%New Visitor112 Visits
41.05%Returning Visitor78 Visits