101 Buyer beware of WordPress – Time is Money – Open-Source Horror Story

My daughter, Terra Rothman, is an amazing Photographer, Artist, Musician; but she is a terrible programmer.  This is before, click to see after the redesign by my wonderful designer Mari Mae to Terra’s specs.:

Terrarothman.com is visually stunning - terrible otherwise

Being my daughter, she is a fiercely independent, take charge kind of gal.  But web-design is a specialty.  She invested hundreds of hours into converting what was originally a very automated, “do-it-yourself”  theme (Suffusion), into an amateurish WordPress setup which requires infinite manual editing, and is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

She has bought two premium themes to solve her problems, after countless hours of searching for the right look, only to find that both of them were buggy and not worth the money.  She still did not have the look, nor the automation she wanted, and she has spent hundreds of dollars, and thousands of hours, including many of mine, trying.  Sound familiar?

Let me give you some very good advice:

1.  Pick and hire a professional.  This is a specialty!

2.  Listen to their advice!  If you manage the project, the cost will go through the roof, and you will not be happy with the results!

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101 Buyer beware of WordPress – Time is Money – Open-Source Horror Story