14 Guerrilla Tactics 4 Marketing with Linkedin Groups in 2013

Israel Rothman - the number one Internet Advertising consultant in the worldAs the founder of the first Social Media group on Linkedin after they made changes about a year ago that opened up the conversation (removing the barriers to direct communication between members) I  was certainly not an expert at it at first: nobody was; it was new.  However, with linkedin.com (LI for short)  being one of the oldest and largest B2B sites (it was originally primarily an HR site that worked like a dating site with gatekeepers and charges), I may have been one of the first to jump on the potential.

Now, as the top influence in 44 of the largest groups on LI, reaching over 2,000,000 readers with every post, I may be considered somewhat of an expert with my own set of Guerrilla tactics.

Those of us who understand this method of content marketing are getting significant traffic and conversions from these groups.

Here are my methods for 2013 in this constantly changing marketplace:

  1. All my posts originate at a perfectly optimized blog like this one.
  2. They all contain a link back to the source
  3. They all contain a carefully written call to action and telephone number
  4. They all contain pictures and/or video
  5. I take great care to Facebook, Google bookmark, Google +1, and Digg my posts before I re-post them to make sure I am the source that ranks in organic search.
  6. Short, sweet, to the point, blunt is my style.
  7. I try always to post only useful and not redundant information: I never post the same thing twice.
  8. I post at least once per week to all of my groups.
  9. I leave groups that do not post my information (competitors mostly)
  10. I don’t participate in spammer conversations created only for hits, except to say so and challenge the spam.
  11. I instantly report spam comments.
  12. I routinely challenge posts and comments that I know to be erroneous, fearlessly.
  13. When I finally have this all ready, I only post links using the buttons you see below here, then I fill in all my groups by typing the alphabet and adding all my groups.
  14. I am very careful about what images are displayed, and I often edit the subject line of the email and description to suit my purpose.


Follow these rules, and you will create traffic, rankings and conversions.


10 Disruptive Guerrilla Tactics that Generate Hits and Conversions

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14 Guerrilla Tactics Marketing with Linkedin Groups in 2013



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