Blogging 101 – Writing for 3+ Audiences at the same time – Art + Science

Writing blog posts is the most fun, most effective advertising of our time, if you know how.  Done wrong, it is a complete waste of time (referred to online as SPAM!).  Posting the wrong way will get you banned from groups, isolated, and added to spam lists.  Lets start with  two examples of the right way to do it:

Palm Springs Community News Blog – by a Palm Spring Realtor and Short Sales Listings Specialist 

Palm Springs Community News Blog – by a Palm Spring Realtor and Short Sales Listings Specialist

In this way The Brokerage Real Estate Group Palm Springs, Inc. can maintain an ongoing presence “the roar of all of US“, at the same time maintaining a valuable resource for the  Palm Springs Community, with their completely relevant message and link on every page.

This methodology pleases the search engines, the visitors to both sites ( blogs typically generate 50 unique an relevant visitors daily on day one, and have a bounce rate much lower than normal websites: low 50%), and perfectly targets the local residents with a local resource: 1 Best Place to live America – Palm Springs California Demographics and News; and the right message for consumers (actual early state prospects).  Since the content and purpose of the site is real and relevant, the strategy is sustainable indefinitely (as a matter of fact, in this case,  The Brokerage Real Estate Group Palm Springs, Inc. bought this business from a past client, who mistakenly thought that they could maintain these rankings without our system after the sale – it would have been possible if they had not left US out of the equation!)

By the time I finish this this morning, it will rank for Palm Springs Community News: effectively replacing the old client with the new:

The Brokerage Real Estate Group Palm Springs, Inc.  Eventually,  the client site will be first page for Palm Spring Realtor Short Sales Listings Specialist, where the old client is now.  Real estate searches are extremely challenging, and the competition for the money searches is fierce!

The Brokerage Palm Springs - Bevelry Hills


Since the newly optimized content was easily imported into the client site yesterday, and that is where all the future posts will originate with our system, the instant rankings we create here will resolve into the client website property eventually and in perpetuity as long as the strategy of our system is adhered to.

This is real content marketing: for instance our Los Angeles Facebook group went to 1000 in one week.

Example 2:

The two weeks old Canyon Lake Facebook group went to 241 already in that little tiny place in Hill Country in Texas:

Wow! Cindy Collins will never look back: within 4 days of signing up she was posting listings at her blog, and the CANYON LAKE-NEW BRAUNFELS SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook Group went to over 150 in two days!


All of our blogs and groups create instant rankings on Google without breaking any search engine rules because of sheer merit: even in the largest of towns and most competitive of searches: largest social network in Los Angeles Google search

The wrong way to do it?  

Just place blatant Spam and ads on blogs and social media sites, with  no respect for the audience, the media type, the site owners, the search engine rules, or modern  online marketing technique.

What we are doing here is very effective, but it is only the beginning of a winning strategy; modern marketing includes mass emailing, and voice broadcasting (robot-calling)  in some cases to pour fuel on the fire, and promote time sensitive and seasonal events; local, in person, print, and mailing; making all the above mobile and hand held device friendly…these are things that we will write about here soon.  The worst thing you can do in marketing is to be too short sighted, and/or self-interested.



  1. Roberta Abel says:

    Hi, I didn’t want to comment on LinkedIn, but I need to say this. I just read the Blogging 101 item on LinkedIn and it’s terrific…except for one thing. “Funnest” is not a word. “Most fun” works as well. As a former advertising copywriter, it’s like nails on a blackboard to me.
    I do believe in conversational writing, but ……
    Best of luck and thanks for the blogging advice.

  2. Exceptional post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject?

    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Many thanks!

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