2015 | Empty-Nesters Unite to Save the Children | 7 Steps 4 Sustainable Communities

I wish to propose the question: how much do you really love your chem-lawn, and the other chores associated with your empty ...
Niche Marketing 541-982-9291

2015 | Niche Marketing for Real Estate Brokers | Hospitality | Hotel-Motel | Accommodations

The sweet spot is seldom in the middle, never owned by a follower… When I asked 20 agents in the same large office ...
Echo-Utopia Realized

2015 | Great Migration to Local | Vision of a Better World | Enlightenment vs Conformity

Ask yourself these questions, which we are about to answer: Why do we need to go somewhere else? Why do we need to ship ...

2015 | Internet Content Marketing | Real Estate Without Conflicts of Interests for Large Brokers

How do you represent several agents in a large brokerage without conflicts of interests? I had to answer this question for ...
new social media takes over

2015 Unplowed Ground in Media – The New Social Revolution

It appears that Linkedin has discovered, finally, that they are not gatekeepers anymore, they are a social network, a new ...
WordPress Properly Configured is an SEO Machine

2015 – Buyers Agent – San Francisco Maid Service – Evangelist – Real Estate Broker – Orange County – Tri-cities – same-same

What if I told you the the winning strategy for promoting any of these online is the same: simply being yourself well, would ...
New Media Marketing Made Easy

2015 | Brave New Media | Organic Marketing – Nutritional Health Alternatives Made Easy – A Complete Guide

Look familiar?   Welcome to THE new media – everyone in the world talking to everyone in the world for free.  The ... - The ROAR of all of US

2015 5 Minute Blog Posting SEO Guide Updated

There are millions of conflicting guides to how to do SEO (search engine optimization) yourself; and a few really expensive ...
Citizens Watching Governments and Media

2015 | A time to Change it Up | All-Seeing Eye of Citizenry Watching Media and Government

What I am about to share with literally millions of people all over the world, within 72 hours, and with you, is the solution ... - The ROAR of all of US

2015 | The Time to Plan Your EXIT!

A life without purpose, without passion, without conviction, is an empty life. Belief has the power to change all of that ...